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Got Labwork results from 5th week

Sep 08, 2008 - 5 comments














Viral load <5
WBC       1.6 L
RDW       15.3 H
Granulocyte % 39 L
Absolute Gran 0.6 L
Mono %  16  H
AST 116 H
ALT 139 H

ordered more meds from pharmacy, pharmacist said my dr will probably put me on Neupageon because of low WBC
haven't heard anything from my dr about this, took all I had to get bloodwork results faxed to me.
Had insomnia last, aches and pains today, bloatedness, all in all I feel less nervous and a little better than this weekend.
Wow the pharmacist when I told him how I felt with a 98 - 99 temp, when my normal is 96, actually acknowledged that I should feel worse with the abnormal temps for me.
I have a Chiro appt today, I hope she doesn't kill me, last week I couldn't move the next day hardly.

I slept about 25 hours this weekend, once I get over the insomnia I am out like a light. Foods taste less exiting now

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by jdwithhcv, Sep 08, 2008
Hey, congrats - you're UND!!!


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by CMcH, Sep 08, 2008
Wonderful news on your UND! The Neupageon shots helped me for a bit. Take power naps when you can.

548668 tn?1394190822
by Kristina538, Sep 08, 2008
YAHOOOOOOO!!!!   UND!!!!!  I hope that gives you a mental boost and makes it all seem more worthwhile!!!  Congrats - that's fantastic!!!

498948 tn?1253059441
by kitkat14, Sep 08, 2008
Congratulations -you're UND!!!  Great feeling, isn't it?

461838 tn?1255793816
by headshop, Sep 08, 2008
Woohoo, thanks, this site keeps ya going

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