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White Rice

Feb 08, 2011 - 2 comments


Daniel and I, once again, had an ugly fight. This time about white rice and me not knowing how to cook it. Also about his continuous waste of energy and water (leaving the fridge open or the water runing) and meh. Im not even trying to win the fight anymore since that is never going to happen so I just stood there and took it like the strong woman I am trying to be. He did say he wants the divorce because he doesnt see this working at all and I told him I will give it to him if he really wants it. I am trying really hard not to screw up and I think that nothing should be left to be done before endind a marriage but that if divorce is what he really wants then I will give it to him. I felt like S** after that and this morning but I got over it this morning :D

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by dragonwisdom, Feb 08, 2011
Dear Daniel,

I am sorry to hear about your marriage difficulties.  It must be so difficult to be verbally abused in this way from someone you once loved very much or still love.  I often wonder how we fall in love with someone and then how we dramatically fall out of love.  It appears that your partner is abusing you both mentally and verbally and this is definitely something you don't deserve.  Unless he wants to change it is a battle that cannot be one.  The only person you can focus on is yourself.  If the marriage is salvagable then perhaps marriage therapy is an option if you have not already tried this route.  I don't think that you screwed up it is just an unfortunate part of life when two people that loved each other move in different directions.  I know how painful divorce can be and the process leading up to it so I understand your feelings.  If it gets too much for you perhaps you can see a therapist to help you through the process.  It takes time to heal from these wounds, but it is possible.  

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by maguilera100, Feb 11, 2011
Hello Dragon,

Thank you very much for everything you said to me, these kind of words made me feel really good. I don't know where my marriage is going to go in the future but I am doing "my half" for now to make it work. We got married not long ago, last November. I hope we can figure each other out...

Right now, after so many fights, my mind is starting to get tired of arguments that I will never win no matter what so it is slowly starting to hurt less or I should say Im starting to care less.

We will see how it works, one day at a time.

Have a good day! I ll keep in touch.

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