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I seen an article that had asked people what was the Worst Valentine's Gifts they had ever received and I thought with Valentine's Day just a few days away that is something FUN for us to do here on MH too. I decided to have you tell about both your BEST and WORST Valentine's Gifts ever.            Here is My Stories.

The Best Valentine's Gift I ever received came from my Mom when I was about 7 years old.  It was 3 different sizes of Beautiful Mother Of Pearl Mice Pins with pretty pink sapphire eyes.  I am 46yrs old now.  I still treasure them and have them safely tucked away in my jewelry box.  

As far as the other question, there have been too many bad ones to mention them all.  A lot of my Valentine's Gifts have been crappy, and most have consisted of no card, no gift, and the question of "What's for Supper?"  I'd have to say though that my Worst Valentine's Day Gift ever, was when my Ex (and I'm sure you know why he's an Ex in just a minute ) had the gall to borrow $50.00 from me to buy me a Valentine's gift.  He bought me one of those little boxes of candy for like $5.00, and refused to give me my change back from the $50.00.  LOL, The Last Of The Hopeless Romantics.  


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1555914 tn?1296474056
by paddy3, Feb 09, 2011
the best gift i have given was to my daughter
she was going though a bad time at school and at the horible age where she felt unloved

so i sent to her school a bunch of daisys
I end up doing this every year though her high school years
it brought her the confidence and excitment

the best gift I have had was my partener holding my hand with his speical smile ( you know that smile ladies.... the one that says I love you at the same time saying how about .... LOL)

the worst from my ex... have you ever seen those large (about the size of a dinner plate) glass bobbles that contain flowers and usally found on graves
well that is what he gave me... took me a couple of years to acidently break it  ):)

1461073 tn?1308677548
by crackerjack4u2, Feb 09, 2011
Thank You for Sharing Your Stories Paddy.  I Loved the story about what you did for your daughter.  So Sweet and Special I 'm sure it helped her even more than you actually realize.  Yes, I know the smile you are talking about,  LOL not that I've seen it for awhile though.  Maybe I'll get lucky on V-Day who knows.  It sounds like you 2 are both very lucky, and have a great relationship.

As far as your Worst gift story, LOL what can I say other than it sounded like grave flowers may have been appropriate especially since he probably KILLED the mood with his not very well selected gift.   My question is why the heck did it take 2 long years to finally break it?  Then I got to thinking those kinds of vases are made not to break very easily in case they fall off a tombstone in a wind storm, so I can understand why LOL.  Have A Wonderful Night Paddy and God Bless Brenda          

1567353 tn?1358876855
by Arsia, Feb 10, 2011
The only real Valentine's gift I've ever gotten was the sweetest ever.
I got the whole shebang: a box of chocolates, a big teddy bear, bouquet of roses.
Only problem is that it was from one of my gay best friends.

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Feb 10, 2011
I think mine was when I was a teen and  I got anonemous cards and some flowers, I never did find out who sent them my worst was when the Dh who does'nt bother with gifts much, got a new outboard for his boat and said it was my valentines day gift I do have a sense of humor..he got nothin ..

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by lovemykids465, Feb 10, 2011
The best gift I ever received was from my adoptive son. He was about 13 years old and we had taken the kids to the movies for valentines day. When I opened my purse to turn off my cell I found a card in it, It was from my son. It said you may not be my natural mother but your my mom through and through.  Before that the best one I received was when my husband and I first started dating, We were only together about a month and my Grandfather died  2 days before Valentines day. I was away at school and was not able to get to the Service, I was devastate and did not feel like going out or spending time with Joe that day and I found a single rose and a card on the front seat of my car. I felt so bad I went to his dorm and asked him to come out. We sat on the park bench for over an hour while he held me and I cried my eyes out.

Worst gift was a box of chocolate when I was on a very strict diet,

1461073 tn?1308677548
by crackerjack4u2, Feb 10, 2011
Arsia, It sounds like you did make a mean haul that year.  Yelp, LOL them gay friends have good taste in what us gals like don't they, and ain't too bad to go clothes shopping with too.  Glad you enjoyed it.

Terri, Bummer you never found out who they came from, who knows what might have happened!  LOL on the boat motor, if he ever ticks you off when out on the water, you should say, "Hey that motor belongs to ME, so you can just grab an oar buddy." LOL.  

Bridget- What Very Special memories you now have that where given to you by 2 fellers that apparently love you very much.  You're a very lucky lady.  

Thank You All For Sharing Your Stories.  Hugs and God Bless Brenda

13167 tn?1327194124
by RockRose, Feb 10, 2011
It's funny.  I don't remember a lot of bests and worsts - we always do very little in the way of gifts on Valentines Day - usually a car and store bought chocolates or store bought flowers,  or PJs.    Just something to mark the day.

BUT,  when my husband (then fiance) and I had been dating a year or so,   I sent him an anonymous Valentines Card,  written by one of my friends so he wouldn't recognize the handwriting.  It said I really think you are sooo sexy and if you ever break up with your girlfriend I'll let you know who I am.  I hope you have a wonderful valentines day.  

He got it,  and showed it to me and insisted I had written it,  but I convinced him I hadn't,  and acted a little jealous.  

It was a lift in his shoes.  ;D  Fun.  

I did something similar for my son when he was kind of down one birthday - things were kind of going wrong for him and I went to his high school and tied a couple "Happy Birthday" balloons on his car.    He came home and said hey did you bring me balloons and I said no,  did you get balloons?

You know how if you get some anonymous mean letter you always have to wonder who hates you?  You suspect everyone?  But if you get an anonymous SWEET gesture,  you think of everyone you know who might have done it and wonder who did this sweet thing for me.

Anyway,  Crackerjack,  great topic.  Thanks.  ;D  I think  I need to think of someone to anonymously love again this Valentines day.  ;D

13167 tn?1327194124
by RockRose, Feb 10, 2011
Uhh,  hahahaha,  not a "car".  A "card".    A car would be doing it up REALLY big.  ;D

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Feb 10, 2011
hahah Glad you added that I was feeling very envious .....

1461073 tn?1308677548
by crackerjack4u2, Feb 10, 2011
Rose,  I bet you wished it had been a car though, huh?  In your story about sending your fiance his anonymous card that year, another thing that would have meant a lot to me had I been in your place, would have been that he showed it to me at all.  

I mean he didn't say hey look what someone sent me, he was actually questioning to see if you had sent it, but it showed you could at least trust him in case someone really did send him one sometime.  LOL No way in heck mine would have showed me had that happened to him.   He would have shown everybody else, I'd been the last to know, and probably would have had to hear it through the grapevine LOL.    Thanks for sharing your stories Hun.  I really enjoyed them.  Have A Wonderful Night and God Bless Brenda  

134578 tn?1614729226
by AnnieBrooke, Feb 10, 2011
Paddy, maybe he did get them off a grave.  Some guys are so cheap that is where they go for flowers.  LOL

My bests were two, and they both have to do with handmade Valentines.

The first year I was dating my husband, he made me a Valentine out of some really hideous posterboard he had in his office, with wads of masking tape between several layers of graduated-size neon green and neon yellow hearts that he had hacked out with his desk scissors.  He had written with a felt-tip marker "I have never been so happy since I met you," which of course literally means he was more happy before he met me, and the whole thing looked like a less than talented 6-year-old made it, and it was so charming in its heartfelt gaucherie that I saved it for a long time.  (He also sent me a dozen roses at work, which of course is great because you get to show off to all your co-workers how nice your beau is.)  

The other one was that a couple of years ago, I got a hand-drawn Valentine from my high-school boyfriend, who is now a famous cartoonist, and it a drawing of one of his well-known characters holding a little red heart.  After thirty years, that was really sweet and sentimental and gave me a little zing of pure happy.  

1461073 tn?1308677548
by crackerjack4u2, Feb 11, 2011
Annie what wonderful little stories.  I agree sometimes the best gifts are those that took some thought, planning and energy on their part, and comes straight from the heart.  LOL even though they may look like a hideous mess, and tell you their life didn't bite until you arrived in it LOL. Those are the ones to truly treasure. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.  Have A Wonderful Night and God Bless Brenda  

1461073 tn?1308677548
by crackerjack4u2, Feb 11, 2011
LOL I have another story I have got to tell guys about. I had actually forgotten about it until tonight,  or it would have been in my original story. I was so mad when this happened,  but still crack up when I think about it today. I hope you all enjoy it.  

I got from my daughter on her very 1st Valentine's Day (1989) (she was 4 months old at the time) this long stem rose box of candy(there is a long chocolate Rose in it, surrounded by several smaller chocolate hearts, and they were all wrapped in different colors of foil.   I decided to save it because it was the 1st Valentine's gift She ever gave me.  

Throughout the years, I've moved at least 7 different times, and every time I'd carefully pack the candy with me, and put it on a shelf up high in my bedroom when I'd get to the house I was moving to.   After my father died in (2009), David and I were moving from our house back to my childhood home.  I was getting everything ready to pack, I laid everything I could on the bed, and went to the store to get some more boxes. I came back, started putting things in the boxes, and picked up the gift from my daughter that I had treasured for 20 years now, only to notice that 1 of the Chocolate Hearts in the box was missing.

I asked David to come into the bedroom, and when he arrived I said, "David did you eat my chocolate heart out of this box?"  He said "No, I tried to but that $HIT ain't no good, you need to throw it away."   I immediately went off yelling and screaming, "You had No Right to eat that candy, it was mine."  By then he was mad too from me screaming at him. He said, " I told you,  I didn't eat it,  I tried to, but it wasn't any good, and if you were that worried about it, you shouldn't have left it lying on the bed in the first place."  I said "I laid it on the bed to go get some boxes to pack it in."   He screamed out " F... It, just F...It, I can't believe you're getting this upset over a stupid piece of candy. I'll replace if it will shut you up."  I said " You can't replace it."  He said "Why can't I? "   I said, "Because that was the 1st Valentine's Gift Brandy ever gave me, That's Why."  He said, "WHHHHAAAAT, (paused for a few seconds, I guess doing the math in his head) that was 20 years ago, ain't no wonder that $hit wasn't any good."

LOL  Needless to say, I still have my Special Gift with one heart missing, from my now 22 year old Baby.  I think there's no longer any danger of David ever trying to eat it again.LOL   Have A Wonderful Day, and God Bless You All  Brenda

1486688 tn?1333853707
by rockinrobin32, Feb 11, 2011
Oh..this should be fun!

My best Valentines Day would be..well, crap I don't guess I know.  BUT I do know the worst one..not really bad, more funny than anything.
My husband of 2yrs..was telling me how he'd wanted to get me something but he had no $..??  (we had no I don't know what happened to his $..)  Anyway..I GAVE HIM SOME MONEY..and I'd already gone out and bought his present..some silky boxers and some chocolates that he liked..That afternoon when he came home late from work..I assumed (you know what they say about assuming, don't you?)  that he was late b/c he was getting something special for me.  Well, when he came in the door, he was carrying a case of beer and a few packs of cigarettes.  NOTHING for me..not even a card.  I was sooooo mad.  I asked him..."Is this what you got me for Valentines Day?"  He was like, "Oh, I'm so sorry, I forgot."  Then I said..."Did it not cross your mind that you didn't have this $ already????"  I could've killed him.  Oh I just get to tell everybody about it and embarrass him..haha  jokes on him.  The next year he got me a ROSEBUSH..hahahaha and several cacti.  ;O)  I guess that might be my best one!

1461073 tn?1308677548
by crackerjack4u2, Feb 11, 2011
Hello Robin, I'm sure it really wasn't one bit funny the day that it happened.  I understand how that might have ticked you off just a tiny little bit, not to mention hurt your feelings pretty badly too. LOL I don't understand sometimes what THEY(the ones of you who have pulled this trick on someone know who you are) were thinking, or even if they were thinking at all.  I'm glad you were able to eventually see the humor in it, to forgive him, and move forward to have many more enjoyable Valentine's Days with this feller. I hope you have many more happy ones to come.   Thank You So Much For Sharing Your Story With Us.  Have A Wonderful Day and God Bless Brenda.

1445110 tn?1388209711
by HessyKat, Feb 12, 2011
Well, mine is definitely this years although its two more days away. My husband who left me the day before Christmas a little over a year ago and moved in with another woman called to tell me happy Valentines Day. And then wanted to know if I would go bond his son 21yrs old out of jail. LOL Hes got some nerve. He is crazy. And I cant wait until my divorce is final in a few more weeks!

1461073 tn?1308677548
by crackerjack4u2, Feb 12, 2011
OHHHH NOOOOO Kat, that's terrible huny.  I'm so sorry he put you through all this and messed both your Christmas and Valentine's Days up.  I"m certain all this has been very hard on you, and can certainly understand why you are looking so forward to the finalization of your Divorce. My heart goes out to you during such a difficult time in your life and all you have already had to endure because of him.  Please send me a message if you need a friend to talk to.        

Not too sound mean but It does sound like not only does he have some nerve as you mentioned, but that he is an arrogant, selfish butt too.   You have 2 days till V-Day, so please don't let his insensibility ruin it completely for you.  Go out and Celebrate Huny, if not celebrating anything else, celebrate the fact that you WILL meet someone So Much Better, and that someone else is stuck dealing with the crap he pulls now.   Have A Wonderful Night   Good Luck and God Bless Brenda

1461073 tn?1308677548
by crackerjack4u2, Feb 14, 2011
Ok this is My Final Valentine's Story post.  Yesterday Dave and I went to eat and someone else at out table brought up the fact that tomorrow is Valentine's Day or he would not have had a clue.  Anyway, Dave asked me "What are you going to buy me for Valentine's Day?"  I said,"Nothing" knowing that I had already bought it so therefore wasn't going to again buy him anything.   He said, "Come on now. "What is Tomorrow?"  and I laughed and said, "It's Monday."  

He let the subject drop, and went on drinking his coffee.  Today (Mon. V-Day) was our usual errand day.  We got home  from running errands, he said "Happy Valentine's Day" and gave me a hug. He had already told me Happy Valentine's Day 3 times today already, with the 1st time being 3:30 AM this morning. but I again said, "Happy Valentine's Day Hun" and hugged him back.   He then said, "I'll get ya a bear tomorrow at 50% off for Valentine's Day"  which is something we have a joke about because my Dad actually did this to my Mom one year and left the 50% tag on it when he gave it to her a day late. Mom wasn't too pleased that year, as you could imagine.  

Anyway, I laughed and said "That's fine"  "But I'm going to go in here, and get your present that I paid full price for"  He said, "I thought you said you weren't going to go buy me anything for Valentine's Day?" and I said, "I told you that because I had already bought it when you asked yesterday. So I wasn't going to buy you anything, I already had."  He said, "Well now I feel bad because I didn't get you anything."  I told him,"Don't worry about it, I can't think of a thing I need that I don't already have."  Then I said, "But it is pretty bad that you took it upon yourself not to get me anything just because you thought you weren't going to get anything in return, that's not Valentine's Day is all about."  Of course, he just walked away with his head down like a whipped pup, went and got on the couch, and slept the majority of the day.  LOL Ya Gotta Love Em.  I Hope Every One had a Very Happy Valentine's Day and God Bless You All Brenda

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