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Oh Dear

Feb 10, 2011 - 3 comments

What a day of dramas.

So.  Last night had spotting and cramping.  Texted my Obe this morning.  She asked me to go to have U/s.

U/S showed a single fetus 5 weeks, 6 days (so I've changed my due date now to 7th Oct) with a hb of 115.

It also showed a subchorionic haemorage.  Told my Obe. She ordered injection of progesterone every 3 days, and crinone vaginal supositories for two weeks.  Supposed to be bed rest.  Can't!!  Work is really really busy and I can't tell people I'm pregnant yet.

But will take things easier and minimal walking, no gym, etc.

Having quite a bit of abdominal pain this evening, on the left side.  But not really much 'cramping'.  I see from reading online that this is not necessarily fatal for the baby and it can resolve.  Hope I am one of those.

Repeat ultrasound in 2 weeks when on last day of crinone and will get further instructions from Obe at that stage, depending on status of the fetus.  Hope by then I can be back to normal activity and lifestyle.  So 2 weeks on tenterhooks.

At the same time, MG has been sick and coughing so badly at night.  Last night was one of the worst, considering she's on 6 hourly nebuliser, plus antihistamine, plus just started a short dose of steroid.  She was waking up coughing uncontrollably every hour (and me with her).....  then she had a fever this morning.  I had to get her to the doctor again for her first ever course of antibiotics!  Can't risk pneumonia, considering she is also now taking steroid.

Interestingly this baby has come from the left ovary (that's where the corpus luteum was)!  The tube on the left was supposed to be blocked! Obviously it's not really!

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489000 tn?1364305827
by Tarobinc, Feb 10, 2011
This is so rough, you have to deal with so much.  You can get through it all.  Sending many positive thoughts your way.

1460967 tn?1512404738
by mlward3, Feb 10, 2011
I've had very similar problems! At 8 weeks or so had alot of sudden bleeding! Ultrasound showed same as you! So I'm on bedrest also! Go back tomorrow to check on things! No more bleeding so far & Dr said very optimist about outcome! Unless they are big I think that's when it can compromise the baby! Praying for You and little bean!

195469 tn?1388326488
by Heather3418, Feb 12, 2011

Please try to get as much rest as you possibly can.  Even when you are at work, put your feet up.

I have heard of many women going through the same thing and the bleed stopped and the placenta closed over the spot and healed.  With a heartbeat of 115 of a baby so young, that's a good sign.

I am so sorry to hear that Michaela is so sick.  I hope with the antibiotics M is on, she feels better soon. You both need to get some sleep.

I'll be waiting for more updates.  So, you ovulated from the left side?  No wonder you get pregnant so easily.  Looks like both tubes are intact.  That's good news.  Please take care of yourself and know I will be praying for you, little bean and Michaela.

Big Healing Hugs,

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