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Replace harrington rods

Sep 08, 2008 - 0 comments



harrington rods









Hey out there.  im a 35 year old girl from Australia and i had harrington rods put in when i was 14.  I had a left costectomy to get rid of the hunched back look when i was 24. After stubbling on some information on new methods to straighen the spine i am looking into sugery to finally straighten my back from 78 degree curve to possibly 38-40 degree.

This involved removing my harrington rods and taking a slice as the doc puts it out of my spine and replacing the fusion.  I just wonder if anyone elese out there has had anthing like this done and how they feel now?  
I do have pain in my back and neck and i get headaches but i can honestly say ive been lucky so far with that and its all manageble.  This proceedure is purley to cosmetic for me and some my say thats vain but ive been miserable for so long. i dont expect perfection, im not being unrealistic about it.  i'd just like to know if anyone else out there has gone through what i'm concidering.  :o)
My scoliosis developed after having already had surgery for syringomyelia and had shunt in place at age 9.

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