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Migraines, Pain, Muscles, Music, Crying

Feb 12, 2011 - 0 comments










I had another one just like the night before.  I did just start taking SAM E and I'm going to see if this is the reason.  This supplement helps with the neurotransmitters and I might be causing myself migraines because of taking this stuff.  I did not take it this morning.  Again went to music last night and did not do a lot of singing cause we played a few instrumentals which I did the rythm for, so my muscles hurt from one I went for a long walk yesterday with my dogs and a lot of moracca shaking.  I thought that my crying spells were cause of depression however they could just be herxing as this is directly related to herxing.  My other thought is that I don't get enough oxygen to the brain and this causes me the pain after a session of music.  Hard to say and figure out but I'll keep trying to.  

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