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13th February 2011 - It's all gone wrong

Feb 13, 2011 - 0 comments

Weight Loss


gone wrong



Well. Yesterday was a complete disaster. It was all going fine until suddenly, in the afternoon I felt the impulse to have some chocolate. Then some biscuits. Then some cake. Then some chips. Then half a tub of ice cream. I just couldn't stop eating. So overnight (as usual), the weight loss has gone from bloody excellent to almost completely ruined.

It's made me feel really horrible about myself today. I'm having one of those days where I just wonder if I'll ever get down to the weight that I want - and need - to be. I am beyond caring and just want to stuff my face with the biggest bar of chocolate I can find.

But I'm holding out. If I can get back on track I can lose the weight and today will just be one of those minor blips that you get in life that you can't even remember having. I'll just keep telling myself that anyway. I didn't drink enough water yesterday, either, so I feel like poo. Almost felt hungover when I woke up this morning - binge eating is just not good for me. I think it probably really affected my conecentration when I was out in the car earlier too.

Well, onwards and upwards (or, hopefully, weight-wise, downwards....). I'm just going to try and have a detox day today and see if that helps. Weighing myself everyday doesn't do me much justice, but if I don't keep a close eye on my weight I'm just going to balloon up and end up weighing 12 stone again.

Battling on is all I can say for today; disappointed in myself but battling on.

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