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I had a thought... Taurine Insufficiency

Feb 16, 2011 - 0 comments








I had been assuming that my improvements were most likely due to the Immunocal supplement.  But, when I was researching GABA and glutathione (neurotransmitter related chemicals affected by the supplement) and researching inhibition of neurotransmitters (where I think my problem is), I ran across some information on taurine.  I realized that I had been steadily drinking more Monster low-carb energy drink since late 2008, when my husband and I met, which is also when my symptoms started to improve.  He started stocking it for me when we discovered I liked it.  Monster has 1000 mg taurine per can.   So, that has given me another avenue of inquiry.  I am currently letting myself drink as much monster as I want to see if there are improvements.  Then I think I'll go off it and see if there is a noticeable dive.  If I can repeatably demonstrate it, I might be on to something.  But that would still leave the open question of whether it's an inability to pull adequate amounts of taurine from the food I eat (I eat a lot of meat, so it's not an issue of availability), or whether it's a symptom of something else.  Then there will be the question of what the optimal amount of taurine is (I could just take a supplement instead of pounding monster drinks, which my dentist would prefer, I'm sure (monster is acidic)).  The only snag is I don't know how long it takes for taurine to be depleted under normal circumstances, so i don't know for my test, how long to go without monster to adequately test my theory.

I like the taurine theory though, because it might explain the muscle burning and failure.  Taurine is expended when the muscles work.  When I exercise, soccer for example, I start getting burning not only in my legs, but also in my arms.  And my arms really aren't doing much.

Lyrica is a neurotransmitter inhibiter too.  Taking Lyrica has improved my functioning quite a lot.  I need to learn more about neurotransmitter inhibition.


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