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Egg retrieval

Feb 16, 2011 - 4 comments

Yesterday (2/15) I had my egg retrieval.  The procedure went well.  Very little pain afterward and no nausea, which I was thankful for.  They only retrieved 9 eggs, however, and only 5 of those were mature.  So, we only have 5 to fertilize (w/ ICSI) instead of the 6 we planned, but it actually will turn out well that we won't have regrets about not fertilizing more b/c there were no more.  I get my egg freezing money back too since we won't have any to freeze.  Spoke to the embryologist today.  She said three of the eggs showed signs of fertilization (day 1), but it's too early to tell about the other two.  We should know tomorrow.  The wait is going to kill me.  I kept looking at my phone all day to see if anyone called yet.  I'm just so thankful I had any eggs to fertilize and that three of them may have taken so far.  Keeping my hope and trust in the Lord.

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by Risa615, Feb 16, 2011
Amen, so happy for you.  Looking forward to reading your updates.  It is in God's hands, keep the faith!

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by mhv, Feb 16, 2011
Good Luck!!! : )

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by Pumbaa23, Feb 16, 2011
I totally understand how you feel. But your numbers are good. I was also a bit concerned with mine cause half of what was retrieved fertilized and not all of them proceeded to divide. My nurse told me that that is normal with all fertilizations. The last time I did this I was concerned about why the other eggs were not growing but this time I realized that I should pray for the ones that are growing to soldier on. Will you have a 3 or 5 day transfer?

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by larisse, Feb 24, 2011
hi just wanted to add something on there as well. Its my first time on there but i also had retrieval on the 16th gues that was our lucky date because we had 16 embryos at time of retrieval. By the next day when we were contacted we were told that we had a total of 14 which was excellent, my Dr was very pleased with my #s. MY transfer was done on the 21st and we still had on transfer day a totla of 14 embryos left. We only transfered one and had 5 of them freezed. I am now waiting patiently to do my pregnancy test on the 2nd of March. The wait is killing me and at the same time I am so anxious and excited I feel confident that we were successful. I wish you all the best of luck and will keep you guys updated I will pray for you guys likewise please pray for me.
P.S. I had a 5 day transfer

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