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feel weird

Feb 16, 2011 - 0 comments






So I have been taking meds that can give some side effects like being tired and stuff. So i have just been going about my days completely exhausted and um, stopped up, so on and so forth. Two days ago i was hanging out with my in laws and my breasts start stabbing and aching and tingling, by the end of the night i am 3 hours late taking my meds, yet i am still feeling super exhausted. The breasts feel like pregnant breast. It reminds me a ton of how they felt in my first pregnancy, so now I have to start to wonder where the med side effects are beginning and ending. When i really think about it i can pretty much tell that the only side effect that still feels as if its caused by the meds is the headaches that i got in the beginning and those have died off. I have been way more tired, going to bed at about 9 oclock when my usual is 2 am and then i wake up all through the night, toss and turn and get up every morning at the same time, like a switch is flipped. 6:30 am.  The same days my breasts started aching i had noticed earlier that morning that i was really out of sorts and my fave game was only annoying to me. I have been having alot of trouble finding something that i want to eat. I don't feel sick or anything i just completely lose my appetite. Also i just generally feel like total crap. I barely go #2 anymore and alot of the time when i do it is an ordeal. (TMI i know). Then there is the constant low grade urge to pee, especially at night.  Yesterday marked the first day that the exhaustion was all day and not just early night. I was so tired that i almost cried. And i can't decide whether i think i am pregnant or if i am just feeling completely funky. My breasts arent hurting to much right now but i really think that its because i am wearing my sports bra. I can still feel a general undercurrent of discomfort in them though. Honestly besides the tiredness and my breasts hurting like the first time the other stuff is just really hard to put my finger on. Like right now for instance, I got up at my usual time and ended up taking a 5 hour nap which is nothing like me. So i can't decide if this feeling of blah and crap is from a long nap (which i still want to get back to) or if this is some weird and generally yucky version of morning sickness. Help me ladies. By the way, I have a Dr's visit to check this out on friday so im not going to take a home test. I am going to get tested so i just want to hear some general opinions.

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