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16 weeks measuring 20?!?!?

Feb 16, 2011 - 0 comments

So yesterday I had my 16 week check up. Baby's heartbeat was 144 and my blood pressure was nice and low as always, and I've officially gained 3lbs this past month and total. My doc also confirmed we'd be doing a c-section at 39 weeks. this wasn't a surprise to me, what came next was... she was feeling around my belly to see where the top of my uterus was and gave me a bit of a shock. I had been able to feel the hardness of my uterus for a few weeks, I don't remember this at all with my first (and maybe bc it was my first). She then tells me that if she didn't know I was 16 weeks 2 days she would think I was 20 weeks!!!!! what? She said usually at this point the top of the uterus is just below your belly button and mine was above. hmmm... she didn't seem concerned but 4 weeks seems like a big gap to me. she said it doesn't necessarily mean we'll have a big baby. We go for our gender scan on monday afternoon and I may have her measure the baby to see what he/she is at gestationally. I can't imagine that it would be twins since I've had 2 ultrasounds and 2 heartbeat checks and only one baby was ever seen/heard. So I guess we'll see!!?!

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