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Nervous about Gallbladder surgery tomorrow

Feb 16, 2011 - 2 comments

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So since I was 17 I would randomly get severe stomach pain that would last all night. Most of the time the pain would get so bad that I would throw up and couldnt really do anything because I was in so much pain. Then over a year ago I started getting other symptoms with my stomach like nausea, sometimes vomiting, belching, acid indigestion. Somedays I was horribly sick and I would still get the random pain every few months. Went to several doctors have had several tests done an ultrasound on my gallbladder, x ray of my stomach and everything was fine. All the doctors assumed I just had IBS, Acid Reflux and gasteritis. So I have been taking acid reducers ever since then and I still get sick somedays. It was like a nightmare. A few months ago I got sicker then usual with other symptoms and they thought it was just anxiety but I knew different. I ended up loseing over 20 lbs and then my doctor realized I have a b12 defficency which explained a lot of the other symptoms besides my stomach I was having and since i have stomach problems it was causing me to have a B12 defficency so now I have to get B12 injections and its been helping me with the other symptoms. I also am seeing a Gasterologist and when he did an EDG he dignosed me with Gasteritis and Acid reflux he said my stomach produces to much acid but he wasnt sure why. So he wanted to do a Hida scan on my gallbladder. They did and now their saying my gallbladder doesnt function properly and they think thats whats causing my stomach to produce to much acid and why i get sick and get those random pains. So tomorrow Im getting my gallbladder removed. Im actally very nervous about it. I know tonight Im gonna be awake feeling sick because I will be so nervous about it. Im just scared of the stitches and staples and I hate being put to sleep but Its a lot better then staying awake LOL. Im more afraid of the healing process. I know its not suppose to be a major surgery but its still surgery and its scary to me. I wont be able to lift anything heavier then a gallon of milk for 2 weeks so that will be hard on me since I have a 3 year old. I will have to manage and get a lot of help with him. I just hope this surgery really will help me and be worth it in the end. Im usually pretty sensetive to medicens so Im worried about how I will be after I take the pain meds. Anyone else have any info on gallbladder surgery? if so please feel free to share. Im just going to try to think positive and not worry so much. Thanks for reading. I will update on how the surgery went when I can. Take care!

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by dank2448, Feb 17, 2011
My doctor is trying to check into Crohns Disease for me....I think its either pancreatitis or a galbladder problem.  For the past 2 years I havent been normal.  I cant even sleep at night anymore.....I am going to call him tomorrow to see if we can get the CT scans done on the organs first before my colonoscopy, I dont think he is going to find anything, but you never know.  Your surgery will be fine, I dont being put to sleep either, its a control thing.  just countdown from 15 and you will be really relaxed.  Galbladder surgery is minor, and my doc even told me there is no reason to lose any sleep over it if I have to have it.  A lifetime without pain is woth it!

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by Curly03, Feb 17, 2011
Yeah thats so true thank you! Im already loseing sleep over it though Im just worried about having a bad reaction to the medicen or being in a lot of pain afterwards but I know its not going to do me any good to worry. Im just ready to get better because I have been so sick for so long. Im sorry for what your going through. My father has Crohns Disease so I know how that is but if your in a lot of pain it could be your gallbladder. I generally dont have pain but I usually feel sick a lot or constantly belch. Cant go for long periods of time without eating or it really messes with me because of all the acid. Anyway Im gonna attempt to get some rest. Goodluck hopefully they figure out whats causing you your stomach problems. If you need someone to talk to feel free to message me. Take care.

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