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Getting worried

Sep 09, 2008 - 2 comments

After reading all the posts about Suboxone , I'm staring to get scared....I am doing 1 mg a day and was thinking i would do that for a long time and use it as pain man and well maybe i was wrong..>?????>>??>??>>?

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by SOCAL742, Sep 12, 2008
Hello as you know the sub is the only thing that got me to where I am now. I could have never quit without it, on the other hand I am trying soo hard to get off it now and it is very hard. I think 1 mg a day is nothing though so I am not sure what you should do, I am mad at myself I was fine on 2mg a day and starting to wein to 1mg a day when my husband saw the sub doctor and was started on a much higher dosage so i started taking 4 mg a day every time I felt hot or sweaty or every headache or stomach ache, it was like the fix all. So now I am stuck on 4 mg a day and we are running out just like the old days. We just started yesterday to cut back to a quarter a day of one (2mg). And its so hard all over again just to get back to where I was already! We want to do the slow slow taper like everyone suggest but dont know what this doctor will say or do or if we are cut off all together since he only reccommends three months to people to get off of this stuff and me and hubby have now passed the 3 month mark.I am so proud of you for how far you have come and no matter what anyone says about the sub I still know I could have never have done it without it and i would rather be in this predicament then the one we were in before with the oxi's and vicks. Just praying for strength and wishing I would have cut off this stuff 2 months ago! well email me!

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by fibromama, Sep 12, 2008
Have you only taken the Sub or did you start taking it to wein off another lesser opiate or  strictly for pain.  I was taking Methadone and thats a killer to get off so I switched to the sub and fnd thats the easiest drug to get off of,of course im having some w/d symptoms but nothing to complain about.  I was told that getting off sub for some ppl means to get down to the tiniest crumb and then after a couple weeks try without.  If I could go back to the day I popped a opiate I would think twice,,ive never been through so much hell.  Take care of yourself and good luck.

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