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First attempt

Feb 20, 2011 - 2 comments

Okay, so i've seen alot of poems in this place so I tried it

Why be alive?
When you know you're in hell?
Why Be alive while there is no bell?

No bell to ring,
No bell to sing,
Just a bell to remind you you're dying

Round and Round you go
Think about snow

Snow as in freezing
Snow as in bleeding
In the inside and out

Only one person knows what your about.
About to cry
About to suddenly know what its like to die
Giving up the world
Giving up your life
Giving up your chance of believing its alright
Giving up your loved ones
Giving up your 'friends'
Giving up the world that used to pretend

Giving up the choice you could not choose
Giving up all the memories you will have to loose.

Giving up everything that resembles you

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1567353 tn?1358876855
by Arsia, Feb 28, 2011
I like it. [:

1419937 tn?1302557849
by madisonnotApeace, Mar 02, 2011
It's good c:

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