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I am not perfect

Feb 21, 2011 - 3 comments

I am not a perfect person,
And I don’t try to be.
I am just another
Imprisoned soul,
That is longing to be set
I don’t want to be in this
Place anymore,
I don’t want to shed
Anymore tears.
I’m sick of always hiding
Inside of myself,
This has gone on for too
Many years.
I don’t want to show my
Or to tell you how I feel.
I just want to know the
Between what is fake
And what is real.
I’m just another lost
That is waiting to be
I’m just another liability,
That you don’t want around.
Im just falling through
The air,
And I’m about to hit the
But I don’t expect
Anyone to catch me,
Because no one wants
Me around.
No one really cares
About me,
They just ignore me
No one really even cares
To ask me if I’m okay.

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1462810 tn?1327360449
by katrinika, Feb 21, 2011
Not true... listen better.

I'd ask you if I could post this to my Facebook page but it would freak out the people who know me.   Still, I'm glad I read it, and I hope you're looking into making a profession of this.

1612526 tn?1298334835
by Gshap, Feb 21, 2011
I am not sure where you are on religion but, I to love to write poetry and I know it is fueled by real raw emotion so please know that you are definitely wanted and loved because God has not removed you from this earth yet and he wants you!
Once I used to fill myself up with pollutants thinking it would make me happy but,After I realized how it was temporary and harmful I prayed for my cravings to be removed and I am not joking they God totally took away all my desired to self medicate and also I heard the words " I love you " and that is how I know you and everyone in suffering is in fact not alone and is wanted!

1612526 tn?1298334835
by Gshap, Feb 21, 2011
There once was a woman who was watching as her belly grow,
  she went to the mall to buy maternity clothe, Smiling became just a part of her days,
this new mommy knew she loved this baby and could not stop the glow upon her face
                                                                                             for she knew you were in the right place!

God I thank thee for you for this baby this wonderful gift you have given me!
  And when I watch my baby growing in my tummy it's the proof of you I cannot ignore!

She would kneel each morning before she started her day and kneel once more before she lay her head to rest,
praying this baby grows up knowing she is wanted and loved more than all the stars in the sky and more than the moon shines bright, Please God fill the heart full of love with never a doubt!  
I cannot wait to my baby is out and into my arms!! All I know is I cannot live another day if ever my baby
                                                                                     felt empty or without in anyway so lord that was my prayer
                                                                                                    Good night child and know I love thee enormously.!
                                                                                                      Now to wonder was that said by God or Mommy?

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