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sexual disfuction

Jan 15, 2008 - 5 comments

I have been under medical care for Bi-Polar Disorder since 1997.  I used to enjoy sex.  I have been totally uninterested in sex for several years now.....  It makes it very difficult for my spouse.  I have had discussions about this with my Psychiatrist; no help so far.  What I need to know is:  "What drugs are available for Sexually Disfuctional Women"??  Just to let you know, I take Lithium, Lexapro, Wellbutrin XL, Ativan and Ambien CR.  I figured I would do the research myself and present the info to my doc.  Open for any helpful info.  Thanks!!

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by Venora Moonwind, Jan 15, 2008
well all the meds you are on would explain the lack of sexual desire.  since your doc isnt helping you get another doc and see about getting off some of those meds. I take celexa and zyprexa and they are great I have a great sex drive and I am soooo normal.  are you in therapy as wll? it really takes both to beat bi polar.Let me know what happens and if you get off some of your meds. Its just my opinion, but I think you are waaay overmedicated. good luck and keep in touch.
love Venora

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by dazed999, Feb 28, 2008
thanks for the input.  i have been told by other medical professionals that i am over medicated.  the shrink has taken a couple of other meds off of my list.  it has been really difficult to find a somewhat decent shrink since i was labeled.  you outte to have seen some of the real wakkos i ran into.  i guess i have just gotten really comfortable with my shrink.  my family practioner has mentioned viagra, it is being used for women now.  i haven't sampled it yet.  paranoia will distroy ya!!  peace.  dazed999

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by dazed999, Mar 31, 2008
to whom it may concern,
update to bi-polar meds and probs.  i have been medicated for years and have followed the advise of the medical profession - at times without questioning them.  to all of you folks who have done the same and ended up over medicated, dazed and confused due to the medication you have been prescribed.  please be aware when you are being prescribed meds to counter act the "other" meds you have been given.  there is something wrong when you start off with one or two meds and end up with five, six or seven to take care of the one problem you originally when for help for.  after eleven years of being doped up by the medical profession, i decided to go "cold turkey".  it has been two weeks.  i did have some bad-*** headaches for the first four or five days.  no, i did not take even an asprin; i feel sooo much better!!  i can actually think clearer.  i don't forget everything!!  i have focused on my nutrition and added Omega-3 to my diet.  please, research Omega-3 for yourself before you decide to judge this post.  look at the side effects of "all" the meds you put into your body.  you don't have to be dazed just because someone is telling you that "despite the side effects; take this for your own good".  ask yourself this - "why does the majority of the people of this world have to be so over medicated?"  do the research:  if we aren't overly medicated; how is it ending up in our water?  there are many drugs being filtered "back" into our drinking water; several are anti-deppressants and pain killers in the u.s.a. and great brittan.  check it out for yourself.  peace.

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by Crystlas, Apr 01, 2008
I am on a Lithium/Wellbutrin combo and my sex drive is higher than ever! :0-)   I am not sure about Lexapro.  I also told my psyc. that I did not want anything that would effect my sex drive or cause me to gain weight.  I guess what works for one does not for the other!  I hope you find answers!  Good luck to you!  

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by dazed999, Apr 01, 2008
Hey Crystlas -
Hope all continues to go well for you.  I just wanted to let you know that after 11years of all the different drugs that I have been on I feel like my old self after having gotten off of the roller coaster.  Omega-3's.  I posted your post on another bi-polar blog to checklollipop.  Wellbutrin is supposed to be pretty good for keeping the sex drive in check.  I guess I have been on the bi-polar thing for so long that I just lost interest in everything I used to enjoy.  That includes a good romp in the hay once in a while.  I do feel a whole lot better now that I am not doped up.  I hope it stays that way.  I never did try the Viagra samples my family practitioner gave me.  Of course my shrink didn't want me to try them either.  She wasn't too happy about my going off on my own and doing the cold turkey thing a couple of weeks ago.  After the 4 - 5 days worth of headaches I had I feel pretty damn good.  Yea, I did smoke weed many years ago before I was labeled with this disorder.  Sometimes I wonder if I had continued to smoke weed the way I did - maybe, just maybe I would have never gotten on this "mind boggling" ride I ended up on.  I haven't sparked it up in a long time.  But, I am definatly gonna get on the "legalize" the weed ban wagon.  All those stoners in the 60's and 70's knew what was up.  And it wasn't a rotten attitude.  Hummmm.... All that medical weed being prescribed can't be all wrong can it??  Peace.

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