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Knots in left side of neck, armpit pain realated to shoulder?

Jan 15, 2008 - 2 comments

I have been seeing an orthopedic doctor about muscle knots in my neck, an MRI showed nothing.  I feel it is related to my left shoulder as when I had rotator cuff surgery before most of my problems settled in my neck-very sore.  I'm told that is unusual but it is not for me.  After seeing my doctor a second time about getting some help, I explained that I have front shoulder pain and am thinking it is my shoulder casuing all the muscle knots in my neck.  A second MRI showed nothing wrong again.  Now the pain has moved in to my inside armpit and is very tight and uncomfortable.  The more active I try to be, the more stiff and sore I am from my neck all the way through the shoulder.  I'm told an MRI doesn't show everything and am wondering if exploratory surgery would be right for me.  Something has to be causing the 3 inch long muscle knot in my neck.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.  

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by flow07, Nov 22, 2008
i just had a shoulder reconstruction on my left shoulder (actually about 4 months ago) and i have been experiencing the exact same symtoms you have mentioned. Sore neck, inside my armpit, etc. I have been going to my physio and he just keeps saying it will ease up over time as my shoulder get better, though the pain is still there. everytime he massages it relieves the pain temporarily though when i start exercising again it comes back. Let us know if you have found out what has caused yours pains cause it seems to be similar. thanks

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by alc777, Nov 23, 2008
Unfortunately, I’m able to relate to your pain and how excruciating those little knots can be.  It’s been 2 years since this problem first arose and has worsened since then.  Upon visiting my PCP (Primary Care Physician) for this small pain and a vase amount of testing with 11 doctors visits to a verity of specialist; I was DX with MS (Multiple Scoliosis) thru and MRI with and without contrast and a spinal tap.  However, the very problem I went to see my doctor about was never resolved; and the pain is so great at this point, that I feel like taking a knife and cutting my shoulder blade out; the pain is so intense (mind crazy pain)!!!!!! I just don’t know what to do?  I do believe there is something more going on and just need a little help, like you.  Most of the time the doctors say it’s related to my MS. If that is the case, then why is it isolated to one region of my body?  Come January 2009 will be two years that I’ve been visiting my Chiropractor and he has even noticed and charted the condition has worsened over this two year span. Come Monday, I will be calling my PCP and try to see what can be done.  It feels like I have a baseball in my left shoulder and it is pressing against my nerves and making my arm VERY heavy.  Maybe together we can get thru this…  

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