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membrane sweep

Feb 22, 2011 - 4 comments

ok so the membrane sweep was well i dont know wether its worked even a bit or's a copy of my contraction times i jotted down....
and so on and so on....
anyhow i tried standing and dancing on the spot, wiggling my bottom etc but the contractions were lasting no more than 30 secs withthe odd one at 45 secs so not reallly brilliant...then i tried havinga bath around 10pm but had to get out as i was sooooo uncomfy, at 11pm i was so tired i thought sod this ive gotto try to get some sleep and led down...all night i tossed and turned and that was inbetween needing to pee which i can say hurt like hell! it was always accompanied by a contraction which took my breath away! anyhow lieing down seems to have slowed everything but when i stood up this morning...woah it hurt! so im going to try to move around a bit til midday just so that if anything is happening i can keep it going but i dont want to overdo it, im so tired if i went into labour now it would be a bit of a struggle and i dont want that.

if any of you have had a sweep or know anyone who had one im curious ive had no bleeding or even bloody mucus discharge, so im wondering if its partially worked or not....i thought that you were supposed to bleed...ive tried looking it up but there's not much info out there, my consultanat said i might bleed but i didnt think to ask what it meant if i didnt bleed...any info would be good...
anyhow here i am on tuesday and still no really like to have before the children go back to school on monday, it would mean they get to see and hold baby without having to rush off to school etc....please come out soon baby xx

baby j
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1301836 tn?1305621815
by natashajay, Feb 22, 2011
ok update:
been feeling bit wierd, ate lunch as i was hungry then felt bit as children were playing nicely i decided to go lie down for ten minutes...anyhow i was still feeling uncomfy and used the loo...TMI ALERT: had loose BM and then some anyhow i know they say don't but i was told hubby could insert finger to sweep gently so i had a poke and i could feel baby right there! my cervix was apart and anyhow i now predict sometime within the next 24/48 hours that baby should arrive...i wouldnt recommend this to any other mum to be but with the bleeding only just starting as well i thought something was going on...of course as ive had 3 children before the first stage of labour usually doesnt hurt as much as for a first time mum and can go by un noticed even, as my cervix knows what its doing...i hope...anyhow im a bit nervous and scared but optomistic now and that bloody mucus im loosing now is a positive thing and there is light at the end of the tunnel! the contractions come and go and are lost with the BH im getting but definately something is happening xx

1240856 tn?1333440354
by loved29, Feb 22, 2011
come on baby. i'm sooooo excited for you natasha. :)

1396867 tn?1520810258
by hopeitworks, Feb 22, 2011
Come on BABY!!!!!! Looks like this long journey will soon be ending!!! :)

778044 tn?1299542934
by PrincessJam, Feb 22, 2011
Yay.... pass the dust this way, we are ready too! Good luck momma :) Keep us posted!

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