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Calling all Gardeners & Folks with Green Thumbs. . .

Sep 10, 2008 - 1 comments

I teach in a classroom that has no windows. . .
the school is built like a mall, and the inside rooms are devoid of any natural light at all, only the florescent lights overhead.
Are there any plants at all that will survive in such conditions?
Any special way I need to take care of said plants?
My thumb isn't the greenest.


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by mirabella45, Sep 10, 2008
Ivy is good for florescent lighting.  And Peace lilys are very good as you mentioned a mall take notice to the malls they have alot of Peace Lilys. They have wide green leaves and do get white blooms on them. Easy to take care of. Do not let the soil get to wet. Watering maybe once a week untill the heat is turned on for winter then maybe a little more often.  Sometimes Wal-mart and K-mart, Lowes, Home Depot carry these plants. Ivys are very green they dont need alot of work either. I had one which vined the whole way around my bedroom.  
talk soon

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