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my life is on PAUSE

Feb 23, 2011 - 0 comments







trying to concieve



I feel like my life has i pregnant? am i not?  when will those ugly days pass?

cat go out..cant smoke, cant chill..

bored, exhausted and very confused. did i ovulate when i thut i did? or did i miss my fertile time?

i feel like having chicken?! am i craving or am i just hallucinating now?! its too early but maybe the HCG shot is doing this to me?!
whats this tightness in my belly? whats all this pressure? is it my hcg shot fading away so i feel like im miscarrying or what! why does my uterus feel heavy full and funny?

am i crazy now ! auuggghhh im tired..cant think anymore..i wanna smoke..oh ya i cant cuz i MIGHT b pregnant..and ya most proably im just gonna suffer for no reason and end up not pregnant or miscarry a week after i normally find out...THEN go back to smoking, hence=====>> same dilemma all over again!..

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