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MRI results

Feb 23, 2011 - 4 comments

by hashinuttylady, Jan 30, 2011 09:36PM
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Here is a MRI results I just had is done  a week ago. I as had RFA done Last Tri over a week ago there has been no pain relief Whats next My pain level is 6 to 10 at all times, Pains runs down my legs and mostly in my lower back and hips.. Not sure what to do next. pain pills are no longer helping. Any help Ideas you can give me would be great

Thank You Terri.


FINDINGS: The conus medullas is terminates posterior to T12-L1, No retotroperitoneal abnormanlity.
Bone Marrow signal intensity is Normal. No Compression deformity or Subluxation.

At L5-S1 There is left greater then right Facet disease. There is a 2-3MM central and left paracentral posterior disc protrusion. No neural foranominal narrowing or spinal Sterosis. No lateral recess narrowing is identified.

At L4-L5, thre is mild bilateral facet disease. no disc disease, no neural forminal narrowing or spinal stenosis.

AtL3-4, Thee is mild disc space narrowing with suspected vacuum phenomenon. There is a 1mm disc bulge with superimposed right forminal and far lateral zone disc protrusion mearsuring up to 7mm in AP dimension and 8mm is craniocaudal diminsion(sagittal image #10 and sagittal image #9) This causes moderate right neural foraminal narrowing.  The left foramen is patent. no spinal stenosis.

At L2-L3, 1-2 mm disc bulge. No Neural foraminal narrowing or spinal stenosis.

AtL L1-2,  no disc herniation, neural forminal narrowing or spinal stenosis.


1. Right foramainal and far lateral zone disc protrusion at L3-4, causes moderate neural forminal narrowing.

2. Other levels of mild degeneratative disc and facet disease. No Other neural forminal narrowing or spinal stenosis.

3. No Suspicious enhaning lesions.

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by crackerjack4u2, Feb 23, 2011
Bless Your Heart Terri, It looks like you have some bulging of the discs, a lot of narrowing going on in your MRI results.  Both issues can cause the nerves to get pinched off, decreases the amount of blood flow/oxygen your muscles and nerves receive, and this can cause tremendous pain which is often very hard or almost impossible to relieve.  It can cause you to get severe pain especially in the low back, hips,  and legs, as well as burning with exertion, dull or sharp aching constantly in the areas, and might have a  pins and needles sticking into you feeling too.  Does this sound like what you're experiencing?    The nerve issues causes difficulty for you legs to even function at all making walking much distance at all almost impossible without needing to stop to rest your legs long enough to be able to go another short distance.  

My injury is mostly nerve related so I empathize with you and know your pain must be horrible most of the time.  The Only thing I have found that helps relive my pain and allows my legs to function properly,  is the Marcaine/bupivacaine that they add to my Morphine in my pain pump. Like I mentioned before it saved my life, without a doubt. Before I got the pump with the Marcaine/bupivacaine in it my legs felt like they were going to fall right off 24/7 and LOL I Prayed a lot of times that they would.  But the Marcine/bupivacaine is Great Help for me.  Nerve Blocks- Although they Did Not help me,  may help you, if you haven't had them you might want to discuss this possibility with your doctor.  If they don't work for you either, I'd highly suggest discussing a possible implanted Pain pump that contains Morphine or another medication if you can't take Morphine and have them add Marcaine/Bupivacaine in it too.  I really think after what all you've tried without relief, that you might be quite surprised just how much relief this can provide for you. I'm kinda feeling yucky today LOL I think I'm getting the flu Yippy but wanted to respond to your journal before heading back to bed for awhile.   Feel free to send me a message if you have any further questions regarding my pain pump etc.  Good Luck and God Bless Brenda  

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by telynn, Feb 24, 2011
Brenda, You just made me cry. It has taken me 10 mins to stop crying. Thank you!! My sister just told me today I was so Negitive and that I need to stop being so negitive. Iam in so much pain it is turning me into a monster.

It's impossible to make anyone understand between my hashimoto's, graves disease. FibroMy back, legs and Hip pain. I think everyone things Iam making it all up or just crazy. Without the help from my MH friends with my Thyroid I think I would have killed myself. And now having you to be able to read my MRI and get it. Everthing  you said is what iam dealing with. I can not stand long enough to do the dishs without pain, It's takes me all day to get my dishs done. Even when i lay down it hurts and even wakes me all nite long. So Thank You, for understanding and telling me that there is a reason why Iam in so much pain. I just got ref to a spine Dr. and need to make that appt to go see him. I have been going to a PM Dr. I think he things Iam nuts too-- cuz I always end up crying in is office becease I want help. He has giving me 3 steroid shots in his office, 3 in surgery an 1 ablasion done. None of them has helped. He has not seen my MRI, My GP ordered it and I have not brought it to him yet. I really want to see what he saids about it. I do not understand how he could do all thoughts things on my back without ordering a MRI?

Anyhow another promblem Iam having is over grown yeast in my body. In 1997 I have RH FEVER afterwards I had 24 million units of Pen VK in my *** every month for 7 years and after having all these steroids, I started getting trush (Yeast inf. in my mouth) and I just feel like it is taking over my body. So I do not want any more steroids.

Well I just started on Oxy and they seem to be helping a little bit or at lease I do not have to taking so many Norcos a day, They were not working at all any more.

Brenda, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Iam sorry to go on so long, but I feel you hear me.

I sure hope you are not getting the flu and wake up feeling good.

God Bless You, HUGS Terri

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by crackerjack4u2, Feb 24, 2011
Hello Terri, You are Very welcome Hun. I didn't mean to make you Cry though, but understand why. I merely looked at the results that the doc who read your MRI gave you and attempted to help you decipher what they were saying.  I'm so sorry you have all this going on, and yes I agree the docs should do an MRI before they start sticking needles everywhere in your back etc, but a lot of them don't. Trust me hun, I do understand what battle you are fighting dealing with the pain.

As far as the negativity you are accused of having, my question wouldn't be why are you so negative, but why wouldn't you be negative.  You hurt constantly.  You have tons of responsibilities at home that you hurt too bad to deal with.  They just keep piling up and you have to look at them everyday knowing you won't get to them today either.  You can't sleep at night because your pain is too severe. You go to doc after doc who treats you like your some kind of lying nut case freak.  Your pain is high, your nerves are shot, you're depressed as hell.  You would love to be able to get it all done like before but really just need to go lay down for a few minutes first to try and rest and have another good cry.  It's a never ending vicious cycle and the Only people who can truly understand are the ones who have been there. Please don't let those around you who do not understand pull you down even further.  

I really don't understand some of these doctors who are in the PM field and refuse to believe a person is hurting.  It makes a person feel like they are stuck between a rock and a hard place and that help will never arrive.   When I was going through all that, I often thought I wish they had to live just one day in my shoes.  I bet they'd change their mind very quickly. But this is something I defiantly wouldn't have really wished on anyone, but just wanted them to understand.  If your doctor is treating you like this, hopefully the new one you're going to see will hear what you are saying and believe you. Hang in there Sweetie.  I'm Praying you find some relief very soon.  Hugs and God Bless Brenda
PS- I am feeling some better today, not great but better.      

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by pixiemar, Dec 27, 2013
Brenda...My name is Dixie, and I can understand why Terry was crying.  She now thinks there is a chance of her getting better.  I, too, am in that same amount of pain. I had to have a Spinal Stenosis surgery this past August; the pain never went away after the surgery and came back like a gang war after the operation.  Then I was sent to pain management for the shots which just made the pain much worse.  Then today, I had an MRI test, x-rays, blood tests, etc.  I go to the dr. to find out the results of my MRI on January 6, 2014, and I am copying what you said to Terry and am going to tell him, if he can't help me, then I want the implant for pain.  Thank you so much.  Dixie from VA.

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