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Feb 23, 2011 - 5 comments

I'm never on here anymore, and I used to *talk* to a fair majority of you.

Have I missed anything?

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by LindaTX, Jul 23, 2011
Probably not....geez, Danielle, you must be about 17 by now.  Did you ever go live with your aunt?  What have you been up to?  Are you still in school?  Any progress with your mom and dad?  If you by any chance, get this...let us all know how you're doing....I know a lot of us care.      

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by iwouldbdanielle, Jul 23, 2011
Nope. I'm still 16. :] I'll be 17 in October. Thank you so much for checking up on me! It's great to know you haven't forgotten about me.

Unfortunately I didn't end up living with my aunt. She was dealing with severe medical problems and recently discovered she has cancer. As for what I've been up to... I've been living! I'm trying to graduate an entire year early, so I've been studying and doing my AP homework, as well as working. I got a job as a dishwasher at a local restaurant - which I love. My boyfriend and I's two year anniversary is today, too. I'm not sure if you remember, but we're in a long distance relationship. He's taking an Amtrak train here and he'll be spending a week with me.

A couple weeks ago, my mom kicked my dad out. Things escalated to an extremely scary level. He was coming home drunk nearly every night and getting really physical with my mom. I was calling 911 about 3 times a week because it got so out of hand. Ultimately, he jeopardized my mom's job, and when I called the police they found 2 bricks of marijuana in his van... mind you, my mom is a legal secretary, certified notarizer, and transciptionist, so our house is technically approved/protected by the law... and having an illegal substance puts my mom's job in jeopardy. So she gave my dad the boot and he hasn't been back since. I call him every once in a while to see how he's doing, despite my utter apathy towards him. He chips in and gives me money for school, which is good.

Other than the (mis)adventures at home, I'm okay. I went to a therapist for a few weeks and I actually hated her with my entire being, honest to God. I've never disliked a woman so much before this therapist. She was disrespectful and unprofessional as can be. I'll elaborate upon that if you'd like. I also discovered that I may have a borderline personality.

Fun stuff.


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by LindaTX, Jul 29, 2011
OMG....yes I remember your long-distance relationship!  I know I commented on it!  Well, congratulations, it's nice to have someone you have a real connection with.  Sorry about the problems with your dad.  Sounds like he was really in over his head.   That's too bad, but maybe, and hopefully, he will learn something from all of this. Do you think he'll serve any jail time?  Good for your mom for doing the right thing...I'm sure she'll be better off.

If you do ever feel the need to go to another therapist, just remember they are all different and there are some very good ones out there....I should know, I've gone to quite a few over my lifetime, lol.  I also know you don't ever have to put up with someone who is disrespectful and unprofessional.  How did you find out you might have a borderline personality and does that mean the same thing as bi-polar?

Your boyfriend is probably there with does your mom feel about him?  I hope y'all have a great time while he's visiting.  So you will be graduating next yr?  What's AP homework?  Is it like college prep classes?  That's cool too that you have a job and love it!  Sounds like you are really doing great!

As for me, I'm doing really pretty good, just getting older, ugh!  Enjoy your youth, Danielle....every minute of it!  I can remember my dad telling me that and now I know what he meant, lol.  We're in the middle of a horribly hot summer and drought here in Tx.  We have cows, horse, dogs and cats, and a donkey who has gotten sick because of the heat.  He's at the Vet's now.  I think I'll be glad to see winter come this year.  Did I ever ask you if you know where Middletown is?  That's where my parents were from and for vacation we would go back there every year.  There was a lake called Le Sordesville (sp)  close to Cincinatti and some friends and I used to go every summer...there was a really gigantic amusement park there....many years ago.  We always had soooo much fun!  Well, bye for now, Danielle  TTYL, Linda

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by iwouldbdanielle, Jul 31, 2011
It's a shame, really. The alcohol and drugs just took him in I guess. His loss though. I'm assuming he'll do jail time considering the rather large sum of marijuana.

I thought about seeing a different therapist, but we don't have the best health insurance so it takes months to find a new one. Plus, I'm extremely stubborn and selective with whom I talk to... so I don't foresee therapy going swimmingly for me. Bipolar disorder usually includes bouts of mania that last for a week or so at a time while borderline personality disorder causes random, shorter bouts of intense feelings. BPD includes really impulsive behavior, etc.

Kurt actually left at 3:30 this morning. I had a magnificent week. That guy is the greatest. He cooked, cleaned, gave me back massages, etc the entire week. Gosh, my mom adores him. She thinks he's such a sweetheart and she thinks he's hilarious, which he is. :p Long distance really stinks but it's definitely worth it in our case. For now anyway. Nothing lasts forever.

Hopefully I'll be graduating next year. It's a huge decision. :s AP work is Advanced Placement classwork. It does give you college credit if you do well in the course.

Ah, yeah. I've heard of Middletown but I can't think of exactly where it is off the top of my head. And sorry about the heat. Kick back and enjoy some air conditioning and ice if you can!

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by LindaTX, Oct 30, 2011
Hi, Danielle, just checkin' in to see how you're doing.  I know you said your birthday is in Oct. so Happy Belated Birthday!  How are you and Kurt doing? I've lost 2 cats over the summer due to predators in the area, either coyotes, bobcats, or panthers.  Ugh!  Makes me sick!  

We just got two new 7 week old Great Pyrenees puppies!  Just posted a picture of them, they are sooo cute and cuddly. Our older dogs are 10 and 12 or 13.  The older one, JJ, is a Great Pyrenees but is getting old and won't chase predators off as well as he used to.  We are hoping he can teach the puppies to do that when they are old enough to take over that duty.

So is school still going ok? And the AP classes?  Gosh, just think, you'll graduate this year!  Well, I'll let you go...just wanted to pop in and say hi.  TTYL, Linda      P.S. It has finally cooled off here....finally!

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