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28 Wk Obs Appt.

Feb 24, 2011 - 1 comments

Had my 28 Week Ob's appointment today and everything looks great.  Through a  quick scan the Ob's believes my placenta has moved a little and my baby boy has already moved so far down that his head is almost all the way past the placenta.  So  it is now very likely that i will be able to have a vaginal birth rather than a C sect.   Still need another scan at 34 weeks to be sure, but looking good so far.

This info also explains why i have been feeling quiet uncomfortable lately, due to the little man already heading down into position.  

11 1/2 weeks to go....

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by anwright, Feb 24, 2011
That is great I am so happy for you though I have had 3 vaginal births and they are hard too, So good luck let me know next scan...

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