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my labour/birth

Feb 24, 2011 - 1 comments

so as reported i started getting contractions, dh and i left for the hospital and arrived at little before 7pm just as the staff were handing over by eight my contractions i felt had slowed but becuz i delivered quick last time the midwife ran me a bath and i was taken to a delivery room. i had an examination but was only 2-3cms....anyhow after an hour in the bath i started on some gas and air and yet i couldnt get comfy. i was encouraged to get out which was dissapointing but the bath wasnt like a birthing pool, no where near as deep or with room to move to get comfy. anyhow i was examined to find i still wasnt anywhere past 3cm so she broke my waters...anyhow the urge to push kicked in but i was told not to...the gas and air barely contained the urge and then at 11.30pm i was told no pushing as my cervix was caught, i cudnt help it and had this point my waters were flowing out everywhere and they still said no pushing. at almost 10 to midnight i stopped the gas andair i was screaming as the urge to push was awful and they said dont scream use the gas and air but i had to push, the midwife was forced to push my cervix back as i pushed...and kept pushing despite theyre efforts to stop me, baby was born too quickly, my body went into a little shock but i held my baby girl, i felt shaky and sooo sad, all i could think of was she's here but its not the birth i wanted...anyhow shes awake...ill finish this tale later xx

baby j
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by loved29, Feb 24, 2011
congratulations. i'm sorry it wasn't how you wanted it. lots of love.

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