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Symptoms . . .

Feb 24, 2011 - 0 comments



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So far, I'm having some curious symptoms, but nothing so dramatic that I have much of a reason to think that it's anything other than post-ovulatory stuff. For the sake of documenting though . . .

1) Breasts are growing steadily more tender, more bumps on the nipples, and their VERY sore right now. Also noticed (sorry for the TMI) a bit of clear discharge the past few days when I examine them (VERY very little amount, but this is definitely something I haven't noticed before)

2) mild lower abdominal discomfort, though nothing so predominant that it's worth mentioning in the tracker

3) VERY tired. Feeling the past few days like I need to take a nap by 4pm (even when I'm sleep deprived, I never feel that way). And I find myself unable to function well without at least 8 hours of sleep -- I can usually do just find with only 6 or 7 (yay for grad school ;-P)

4) Stuffy. Granted, this is the time of year where my allergies sometimes begin to rear their head. However, the weather is still too cold for there to be anything for me to be reacting to, and I've noticed over the past 3 days my nose has been a lot stuffier than usual, almost as if I'm getting a cold (but I know I'm not).

5) Headaches -- I keep waking up with them, but they seem to go away after a couple of hours

6) waves of am nausea. They're very mild, but I do notice them

I think that's all for now . . .


1) massive wave of nausea later on in the morning, and have continued to feel pretty crappy since . . . would chalk it up to nasal drainage, but I usually only feel kinda queazy because of that if I have an empty stomach.

2) So hungry! Cannot get full. Very unusual for me . . .

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