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Feb 24, 2011 - 2 comments

Okay so I don't have a diary so i'll use this instead.

I've really messed things up bad this time. I lost the last few people that cared about me and it's all my fault and theres no way I can get them back. I've can barely recognise myself anymore. I've never felt more alone. I almosted attempted sucide last night but instead I waited and no one came to check on me all night. So what if I had decided to go through with it?
My parents are so ashamed of me for my attitude and actions lately it makes me want to cry when I see that look in they're eyes, but they only reason they can't take a giant **** on my head is probably because they feel bad for me or they don't know what to do with me.
I'm tired of people saying I can fix things when I so obviously can't. I just want to know what I should do next.
I'm running out of reasons for all this.

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1567353 tn?1358876855
by Arsia, Feb 24, 2011
Message me to let me know what happened, and I'll try to give you my advice?

1596864 tn?1333485191
by WinterSixx, Mar 01, 2011
what happened? are you okay now? talk to me about it, if you want that is,

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