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MRIs 1st symptoms

Feb 25, 2011 - 0 comments


2006: a few bilateral very small 1 to 2 mm hyper intensities in the sub cortical white matter on T2 and IR sequence which may represent benign prominent perivascular spaces. This does not have a pattern suggestive of a demyelinting process.

2009: a few tiny foci of increased T2 signal in the right parietal white matter.

2006 started with right leg feeling heavy ( like an elephant leg ) and falling. I'd land on my knee often and only feel the jamming of my hip.  Thought I'd get my hip x-rayed or something, but no my GP thought it might be MS and that was a worry because of my age.  I thought it was a jammed hip and that was way I was having more trouble walking and dragging right leg. head tremor sometimes.

2007 - Had strange symptoms and right leg would be worse sometimes more then others, but never back to right. right side of head and face felt heavy like steal welded to it. lasted 4 days and was getting much better by time I could see neurologist.

considered maybe it was stress even if that wasn't how stress normally affected me. working full time and careing for my mom full time with her dementia worsening. so was trying to be open minded.

2008 - left leg heavy feeling and disappearing, falling. not able to walk without dragging left leg. right leg still week.
dropping things more and walking into walls more. tremor in left hand/arm wide strong tremor if holding out

change to different dept at work

2009 -  ataxic gait worse,

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