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Freaking out...

Feb 26, 2011 - 7 comments

Hello everyone, I'm freaking out....AF is officially 3 days late and I had so far 4 BFP's. The 1st one was a vary faint one on tuesday which was 2 days before AF was due. (TMI alert)  Today went I went to the bathroom and whipped there was spoting on the paper. Is just like the spoting i get right before I start my period, so as you can imagine, I'm freaking out....I took the fouth pregnancy test and it came back positive, but since I had a chemical...I'm really scared that I might be losing this one too.

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1473300 tn?1397588529
by renny320, Feb 26, 2011
I understand why you are nervous because of your past experiences. Just remember that a lot of women spot in early pregnancy and go on to have a healthy baby. I had enough spotting when I was pregnant with my son right around when af was due that I didn't really think I was pregnant. Then I had more spotting a month later. Everything turned out fine. I hope you have a healthy non-eventful pregnancy this time and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that this little bean sticks. Good luck!

776572 tn?1360290739
by kimmery, Feb 27, 2011
hey dollface, i also understand the worry as i also have had a chemical pregnancy (early miscarriage), however i also spotted with my daughter who is now nine years old!, and know many other women who also spotted during their pregnancies. so truly, i know it is so hard but just try not to worry, be good to yourself, do relaxing and distracting things and take good care of yourself. xo

1301462 tn?1318743393
by DollFacePR, Feb 27, 2011
Thank you guys for taking the time to answer my question and calm my nerves..! As of today I'm happy to report that the spotting has stopped. Boobs still sore and I'm really bloated (to the point that I couldn't zip my pants up..!) I'll call my doctor on monday to see what she says, but I already have an appointment set up for thursday.

Thank you very much guys..! and By the way I'm Jessica..

776572 tn?1360290739
by kimmery, Feb 28, 2011
congrats, Jessica! :-D

1105450 tn?1375683721
by renee82, Feb 28, 2011
Yeah I am so excited for you. Pray for that baby to stick.. Congrats

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by echoecho9er, Feb 28, 2011
Jessica... I wanted to check in and see how you were feeling today, and say CONGRATS!!  AND let you know that with both of my kids (who are now 4 and 7) I had REALLY bad period cramps every single month around AF time WELL into the pregnancy, every month around that time I would worry that something would go wrong, but here I am today with two happy healthy little ones.  Keep the faith and I will be pulling for everything to go great!  

1301462 tn?1318743393
by DollFacePR, Feb 28, 2011
Thank you guys...! I'm really sad bcs I'm spotting again,  praying that it stops this time again.

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