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No Cigarettes!

Feb 26, 2011 - 3 comments







tapioca pudding

None so far today and I went to the gym.Proud of myself.  I think I might even pat myself on the back...

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by roderunner72, Feb 28, 2011
Good Job.  Keep it up.  I know it can be very hard.  I also quit on 1/1/11  I also found that I can push my self much harder and succeed easier with out the smokes.  You can push yourself much harder without coughing up a lung.  Been there done that.

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by Capricron2aT, Mar 01, 2011
lol..Thanks!  Good for you, too! I feel that same pull on my lungs at the gym, but it's all air!! Feels gggrrrrrrr8!

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by GroupTrack_MHmod, Mar 01, 2011
CONGRATS!!!!  Love that photo!!!!!

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