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having a real self-indulgent case of 'what if i never get pregnant? blues' today

Feb 28, 2011 - 2 comments

yup. feeling sorry for myself and worried that something is wrong? i've had so many gynecological issues in the past. think i need to start to chart my temps to see if i'm actually ovulating (have NEVER had a positive opk) and if i'm not pregnant by june i'm going to the doctor.

blech. :P

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1340383 tn?1309990914
by piscean4, Mar 01, 2011
sending big HUGS hun! sorry the ugly witch showed : (
Charting is definitely a great way to predict should try it for a couple of cycles and see if you can observe any trends in your cycles..

776572 tn?1360290739
by kimmery, Mar 01, 2011
thanks so much piscean, very sweet of you. feeling much better today. think hormones mixed with SAD is making it worse than usual! lol hope you are doing well and thanks again!

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