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its been a journey

Feb 28, 2011 - 0 comments


basically my journey has been tryin to get over losin my daughter at four yrs old.which at a young 22 year old was hard enough i had a 2 year old to think about and she kept me going,but to discover years on my daughter living had the same genetic syndrome i kind of fell know why? i couldnt face goin through it again. im sorry to anyone on MH i have ever been abrupt to or disregarded what they had to say,i have been one tracked minded,ive searched for answers to no avail.  but i truely have searched and i know i may never seek what im lookin for but after all these years im tired.just tired,..i hope people out there feel they can ask me questios coz iv searched so much about everything, yet altho i tired il search till the day i die to find any answer for my daughter,a journal is a story of whats goin on,i would need to write a book to tell u about my daughters life story

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