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Nipple discharge bloodstained

Jan 16, 2008 - 1 comments

nipple discharge

Can anyone help,
for two years now i've had nipple discharge, both breasts, creamy/cloudy in colour, not lots just sits on top of nipple. The pass few weeks i've had blood tests,"Cell count normal, low iron stores, test for other causes of blood loss" Normal prolactin.

Breast Ultrasound - Both breasts are composed of dense parenchyma. 6mm cyst of the duct system. not cause of discharge.
Mammogram - an island of localised increased stroma, no suspicious microcalcification.
Cytology of nipple discharge, no malignant cells are seen, but bloodstaining is present.

what or why have i discharge with bloodstaining when all seems fine ?

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by Essem, Aug 07, 2009
how old are you? have your ever breast fed?

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