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Mar 02, 2011 - 2 comments

Mine is a story of a 28yer old out to have a bit of fun and using a condom only to start showing ARS symptoms in Jan close to 2 months from the said "safe-event". All antibody tests came out negative till around 110 days post exposure and that's when it hit me that the condom had failed!!!! Just did my WB today and it showed 2 env bands(120 and 160).Am in shock and I can't bring myself to believe these results. Where does a man go from here?How do I look at my fiancee whom I infected unknowingly?

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by Teak, Mar 02, 2011
Move on. You don't have HIV.

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by Vance2335, Mar 02, 2011
So all of your tests were negative but then well after the window period you got your positive rapid tests and now a positive WB after taking it what 1-2 days ago? And your ARS symptoms coing on that late...doesn't happen.

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