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the devastating miscarriage/=

Mar 02, 2011 - 5 comments








so... today after 7 weeks of hope and happines... im told that i had a miscarriage.and maybe it happened because god didnt think i was ready to be a mommy or because i couldnt take care of it right. im sure that everyone feels depressed and devastated when they find out that they have miscarried but i was really looking forward to hugging that baby in my arms and kissing it. and i know the baby wasnt born yet, but i loved it with all my heart.
is it possible that i may never get pregnant again? since 3 years ago... whenever i dont use i condom i never get pregnant. this was my first time but it didnt last. what do i do if i want to get pregnant?

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1419501 tn?1320209910
by kellibubba, Mar 02, 2011
Im so sorry for your mc. miscarriages happen 3 out of 4 time anyone gets pregnant, just most people dont know they are pregnant yet and just think they are having a heavy period..

unfortantly these happen and you do get on with your life. It will always stay with you and you will never forget but you will fall pregnant again and be able to hold your child in your arms.
I have had 2 m/cs. Both at 12 weeks one natural and one was a missed abortion.. I didnt even know the baby had passed.

Alot od drs will tell you to try again straight away, as its alot easier and quicker to fall pregnant again after a m/c or D and C. So good luck with it. im sure it will happen soon..

Again im sorry you lost your little one.

1460967 tn?1512404738
by mlward3, Mar 02, 2011
I am so sorry for your loss! I too had a miscarriage and it is devastating!  You bond with that baby as soon as you find out!      At 16 you are so young and of course you will get pregnant again! I just pray that you seriously think about waiting a few years, graduate from high school and do things for yourself first.....after m/c that's the first thing you want to do is start trying again ... make sure that's really what you and your partner want to do! I'm praying for you during this difficult time!

1610083 tn?1301686247
by princess519, Mar 02, 2011
thamnk you both. and i kno... ill be better soon.(: as for graduating, im way ahead of credits so im sure to graduate. it just hurt that i had to deal with alot when i found out i was pregnant and then out of nowhere, its like it slips out of your arms. but thank you(: im glad this website exsist so i can talk with helpfull people like you guys

1240856 tn?1333443954
by loved29, Mar 03, 2011
I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sure you will get pregnant again. You have loads of time. don't worry love.

1610083 tn?1301686247
by princess519, Mar 03, 2011
thank you(:

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