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too much baggage

Mar 06, 2011 - 1 comments




ugh... why am i gaining so much weight? how can i loose a little weight? i used to be size 5 and now i barely fit in size 9. help me please!

my weight/=
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by Dakuka, Mar 15, 2011
I'm new to this whole tracker thing...I was just poking around...I didn't even realize comments could be posted on journal entries!! But we're actually around the same weight, so maybe we can help each other out?  

I gained a ton of weight this winter, and I just committed to loosing it(and then some) about 3 weeks ago. I've lost about 4lbs and I think I actually have SPRING to thank mainly. Now that it's nicer out I try really hard to just walk everywhere. I don't know if that's an option for you, i know it's a lot easier in urban areas, but I started walking to and from work about 45 minutes each way...and i'm usually running late in the am so it's a pretty brisk pace when I'm hustling. At first it was a big pain, since i had to wake up earlier and make sure I was wearing comfortable shoes etc. but now i'm totally hooked.

I also got two trial gym memberships so i try to go 2-3 times a week and just commit myself to staying for at least an hour sometimes more even if i'm just reading US Weekly and walking on a treadmill ( i know i'd be sitting on the couch watching tv otherwise). I go with my sister sometimes so we motivate each other to just GET to the gym on days when we're tired and not feeling it.

Hope you can get something helpful from this post, just thought I'd share whats been working for me
good luck!

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