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Another sinus infection in original

Mar 07, 2011 - 0 comments

I always get colds, and when they hit me, they hit hard. Unfortunately, one out of every few colds I've been getting have turned into nasty sinus infections. Although I'm able to overcome some sinus infections on my own, at least once or twice a year I encounter a sinus infection from h.e.l.l and after weeks of trying to fight it and failing, I finally succumb to its power and visit a doctor for antibiotics--salvation.

About three weeks ago, I got a cold. Typical head fogginess, sore throat for 2 - 3 days, and nasal congestion. Amazingly, it dissipated rather easily on its own--almost TOO easily. When I was hanging around my boyfriend during the "lull", he was just getting over a cold and I had the misfortune of catching a second cold. I began to feel sick again, only a few days after the first cold had run its course. This time, my sore throat was a lot worse, I started getting awful headaches, and I was so fatigued I was lucky to be awake for a few hours each day. I struggled to still attend classes and do my work, but early last week, I gave up and spent the rest of the week sleeping or doing things that involved a minimal level of activity.

I was stupid to think I could get over this one on my own. I mean, I had just had a cold that I was lucky enough to beat. Well, this one quickly got worse, and I developed a high fever (102) that I let fester for a day and a half. After a particularly bad night of sleep (I dreamed I was swimming in the ocean, that's how much I was sweating...and I was also fairly delusional because I think I thought I was a pirate commanding a ship on the high seas at one point, too), I decided the fever needed to break, so I started taking DayQuil like it was my job. That got rid of my fever, but I still felt terrible for a few days. Things took a turn for the worse when I woke up this past Friday morning with one of my eyes infected. At that point, I gave into the realization that it was no longer just a cold, but it was a sinus infection and not only was it causing me to have bloody nasal mucus, it was also starting to ooze out of my eye.

I did what any normal college kid would do in such a situation on a Friday night...I ran home to my parents thinking that I could see my GP on Saturday morning. I woke up Saturday morning and my eye was worse--I could barely see out of it, and my voice was almost gone, to boot. Lo and behold, I discovered that my GP no longer holds Saturday office hours, nor did any other doctor within 50 miles of my parents' house. Well, thank goodness for great mom and I took a trip to the ER of our small, local hospital and I saw a doctor almost immediately. Thirty minutes later, I walked out with a prescription for a 3-day Z-pack of antibiotics (azithromycin 500mg each day) and antibiotic eye drops (Tobramycin 0.3%). The doctor thought I might have pink eye, but I wasn't convinced. Knowing how contagious that is, I would've definitely had it in my other eye by now just given how much I was touching it. Because I kept using a tissue to clear the infected mucus from my eye, that really irritated the eye. I also didn't have much (if any) "crusting" on my eyelid overnight until I started using the eye drops and they leaked out of my eyes.

The antibiotics wiped me out like a giant tsunami. I went to sleep Saturday evening and didn't crawl out of bed until 6am on Sunday morning. I did wake up a lot in between because of my sore throat, but I was too tired to do anything productive. And now I have a presentation to give at 9am and then another one at 6pm. I haven't made the slides for either of them, yet. Oh boy.

"Don't stress yourself over your presentations or anything like that. You need to rest and get better." --ER Nurse

I wish I had the luxury of putting this all off until next week! Yeah, right.

My weekend was fun. How was yours?

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