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Baby Dream..

Mar 08, 2011 - 3 comments


I Had A Dream I Was Holding My Baby In The Hospital After I Had Given Birth (I Think) The Baby Had Silky Hair, Had My Nose And Cheeks And DH Eyes. Me And The Hubby Just Couldnt Stop Kiss Him (Oh Yeah It Was A Boy too) Lol, He Had On A Orange And Green Onesie And I Feel In Love All Over Again... Then I Woke Up!! Damn I Wanted To Finish My Dream Lmao, Oh Well I Hope That Means Something For Me Soon?!

Just Thought I'd Make A Note Of It :)

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1623075 tn?1316176957
by Justababygirl, Mar 08, 2011
I had a baby dream last night too...I was getting an ultrasound and the doctor was like see i told you that you were pregnant and i saw the sac and the little peanut ...yay baby dust i hope it means we preggers

1045727 tn?1463742983
by Vantom, Mar 08, 2011
lol i hope so too.. baby dust to you too dear :)

1614165 tn?1332224564
by ashante525, Mar 09, 2011
omg i had a baby dream also...i hope we are all preggers sending lots of baby dust...

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