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is this a miscarriage or a misunderstanding. worried mum to be??

Mar 08, 2011 - 0 comments










Me and my partner have been trying for a baby for nearlly a year now. Yesterday on the day my period was due, to my delight we did a test and another line appeared.i was pregnant/ i went to tescos and bought a clearblue digital home pregnancy test just to see it was for real and it flashed back PREGNANT 1-2 WEEKS. which on the leaflet says im 3 to 4 weeks. we bought a few more as i was little worried its to good to be true. did 5 non digital tests this morning a day later and the line s have  become less dark but still is pregnant.but then i did another digital one and it came back NOT PREGNANT! me and my partner were absolutely distraught and went to see a doctor this morning. she repeated a test and said it was negative and that it was unlikely im pregnant now. i got home and by sheer hope did another test and once again, a line appeared. it says im pregnant and is a dark line. was i pregnant yesterday but over night am dealng with the effects of miscarriage or is there still some hope?
iv suffered with very bad cramps for past two weeks and went to hospital and was told it was inconclusive and just gave me some painkillers. iv been very nauseus in last two days and not stopped crying. whats going on with me? im rather worried now!

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