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and so...

Mar 09, 2011 - 1 comments

and so...i think this will be my last journal, at least on the pregnancy tracker anyhow, Taylor seems to need no sleep at all, and feeds constantly for long periods every day. She has managed to put on 1 oz so we've been released to the care of our HV. The extra days with the midwife care was good as even this seasoned BF pro had to re learn some positions to ward off a mastisis attack which threatened a few mornings ago.
Ive learnt (again) that sleepsuits are best done up from the crotch upwards otherwise you don't have enough poppers LOL
Taylor sleeps (and i use that word loosely) in our bed and generally has the world in her palm, every trip takes us ages as everyone wants to see her and oggle her...ahh
ive had skin to skin piks of us both and they look fab and im so pleased with them.
we are coping with little sleep and lots of love and cuddles.

i look forwards to keeping you all updated via a new journal, i wonder if thats possible...must

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by SunWorshiper_26, Mar 09, 2011
I love reading your journal :)

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