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still on the mend from TT or thyroid surgery

Sep 12, 2008 - 1 comments

So I got my labs back and half the small clump of lymph nodes they took out when they took out my thyroid ended up with cancer.  Sooooooo, I have to get the radioactive pill now in about two months.  Anyone do this?  I know I have to go on an iodine free diet for about two weeks prior and go off my levothyroxine (which I've heard *****) but will the RAI pill really kill the cancer left in my body?  Also, did anyone feel just terrible and emotional with thyroid cancer before surgery--I feel like being diagnosed so late (it may have taken over 8 years...) means I really had that dang cancer in my thyroid at least and it was making my hair fall out really bad and I was more than just depressed and emotional.  I feel A LOT better now.  I'm not happy about still having cancer in at least some of my lymph nodes but I'm not crying uncontrollably like before surgery anymore.  Also, does levothyroxine make you break out because my chin, cheeks are having a break out party -- bad!  On my scar, it is still sore.  I put scar cream on it, and little silicone sheets I found that "improve scars", but it still hurts on the incision line after over two weeks and definitely it still hurts inside, in my neck, and feels a little weird too.  Like when I swallow.  Anyone have any of this?  I know my scar line will be healing for a long time but the inside weirdness and pain, does that eventually go away?

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by ChitChatNine, Sep 12, 2008
Many on the thyroid community have been where you are going .... definitely post and stop by .....  we are here for you ...

The inside weirdness does go away and so does the scar .. it may be a bit too early to use the sheets on it .. ck. with your Dr.   You still have internal stiches that take 6+ weeks to disolve .. so you feel the pulling inside.

I didn't have breakout as you describe, but you've been through a lot ... and it is both physically and emotionally draining .. please stop by the community

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