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Moods improving with new therapy

Mar 10, 2011 - 0 comments



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I've just been automatically reminded to address my mood tracker and noted that I'm feeling a little better.  I had a good day yesterday without the use of pain meds until bedtime.  I haven't had the need for pain meds at bedtime for about 2 weeks maybe more.  I had used Benadryl cause I was itchy and it helped me sleep better.  My pattern of sleep has improved and now that I am doing these energy solution injections, I'm finding that things are improving
for me.  Little things I'm noticing that I was not able to do cause of fatigue or pain holding me back.  I feel like I'm getting back into life which is a good feeling.  I only do what I can and do not expect a lot from myself so I don't get disappointed.  My energy is at least allowing me to give a better participation into what I want to get involved in with walking my dogs and home decorating which is more than I can say that I was doing in the last couple of weeks before going to Bellevue for treatment.  I used to just sit around and watch T.V and walking the dogs was a big chore and even getting dressed was too.  Still the muscles in the neck and shoulders tend to ache after too much activity, so I'll just have to watch this.  

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