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frustrating appointment

Mar 11, 2011 - 3 comments

I am so angry with the doctor I just saw for my 14 week appointment.  She literally came in the room said, " Let's check the heartbeat", did that and went on her way.  She was only there for three minutes.  Didn't say anything else to me!!  I can't believe what a waste of time and how cold she was.  Thankfully she isn't my regular doctor, but my office has you see all the doctors once while you are pregnant. It just felt like she just brushed me off and couldn't be bothered to spend any time on me!!  I will not ever go back and see her.  Just had to vent.

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by haz1104, Mar 13, 2011
So disappointing and SO polite of u to take what she's given u and say nothing..with all the pregnancy hormones I wud'v asked her to get back in and give me some closure hehe..

guess lesson learnt huh!? they can b insensitive sometimes..

Good luck in ur next scan though

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by echoecho9er, Mar 13, 2011
Ugh I remember that stuff too!  I also went to a clinic where there were 3 Dr.'s in one small building and you never knew who you'd get on what day.  I remember telling the one Dr. that I ABSOLUTELY did NOT want to know the gender, and at my next appointment my U/S results came back and I got him again, but he said in a mocking sing-song type way "I know what you're having!!!" followed by "...but you don't wanna know!" Part of me thought it was funny, but part of me was really upset...I mean I had a feeling he would know what he/she was before I knew, but having him say that REALLY confirmed I guess that someone else got to know before us, the PARENTS!!  If I am blessed enough to have a next time, I will make sure the U/S technician does not allow gender to be put on my chart that way, no one knows HAH! lol      
I think its awful when Dr.'s get so complacent from seeing so many women each day that they forget how special and important EVERY single pregnancy is to every single person!  I hope you get your regular doctor from now on because this is a very special time in your life, and should be cherished! Congrats and H&H rest of your pregnancy!! : )      

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by babycrazy113, Mar 13, 2011
Thanks ladies!  When I was about to leave the office I had to make my next appointment.  My regular doctor wasn't going to be available that week and they tried to put me with the cold fish again.  I not so nicely said to the receptionist that I would NOT be seeing that doctor ever again.  Low and behold they found an appointment for me with my regular!!

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