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any solutions for the "timed intercourse" problems?!

Mar 12, 2011 - 14 comments







Trying To Conceive


trying to concieve




Hubby hates the timed intercourse crap and I seriously dont know what to do!
pls provide me with any tips or ideas that will make this mission easier to achieve! hehe
dr is triggering the day after tomorro and i'm already worried about the BD session !



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518733 tn?1333017015
by angelbabies, Mar 12, 2011
i know the feeling of wanting a baby so bad the 'baby making' turnes more into a chore than being intimate with you partner and i think thats more due to the stress of thinking i need to get pregnant this month, try and relax, i found that it took me longer to fall pregnant when i was stressing over it, when i relaxed it happend strate away! good luck!!

1571146 tn?1399909692
by Moma_Cher, Mar 12, 2011
Okay, now I see that you are getting triggered Monday, is that right? Dr thinks you won't O before that? It seems to me like u might because those follies are pretty ripe!! But I'm sure he knows best. Can u post a pic of your opk test result?

Okay, now it's my turn. It's in the 7am hour over here and my appointment is at 10am! My mom is going with me today so this should be interesting... ;0)

1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, Mar 12, 2011
Angelbabies: thanks I'll try to relax and take it easy but I'm seriously thinking of hiding the fact that im ovulating before BDing lol

Cheri: ya hes triggering monday..

I was also surprised by the sizes at CD10 !!! so i guess i asked him whether it was clomid that i took or ovarian Xtacy haha..I'm also wondering y he things i still need 2 days to trigger, but I maybe its cuz the right tube was removed when i had an ectopic pregnancy so he's probably waiting until the ones on the left mature enuf..

I threw my OPK out i was quite bummed with the weird result so got rid of it..:$

I'm glad ur taking ur mom with u ..i didnt tell my mother anything about this and my hubby is not so not even planning to tell them if I get a BFP until im sure the pregnancy is fine..dont really want them to get their hopes up..

I guess u guys r stuck with me for now haha..

Love u ALL and love MH! :)

518733 tn?1333017015
by angelbabies, Mar 12, 2011
o yes dont tell him you are ovulating, he will think hes just getting lucky, then everyones happy lol

1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, Mar 12, 2011!! soo typical! hehe

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by echoecho9er, Mar 12, 2011
have you tried Pre-seed, the sperm friendly lubricant?  I know what its like to have to time everything and be like..okay now everyone flip their switch (not that its usually that hard for men) but I found that using the Pre-seed made everything a bit easier, smoother, and may get your man more excited about doing it at the drop of a hat...  : )  Good luck : ) !!!!

1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, Mar 12, 2011
Great tip !!!! but its like things arent going my way this month..

I tried getting preseed but apparently they dont deliver to Saudi Arabia..something about it not being allowed in this country :S

augh guess im gonna have to ask some1 to DHL it or fedex it to me if it doesnt work out for me this month..

Good luck everyone! :)

1571146 tn?1399909692
by Moma_Cher, Mar 12, 2011
I got ur back gurl!! Gues what?? I am scheduled to trigger on Monday too!! Hahaa looks like we are on the same EXACT schedule this month!! Maybe we will get our bfp on the same day?!

Let's race to our bfp's!! Betcha you will beat me haha!! Lol

1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, Mar 12, 2011
lol no u beat me on the period guess ull beat me on the BFP lol!!! haha

it amazing dr told me to get trigger monday night and go for iui tuesday morning i told him im going au naturelle lol so he changed my prescription to monday morning!
So happy for ur results btw..its good u have 4 folics so we both get to carry twins next month hehe

I'm soo excited..u cant imagine! dont no how im gonna get past this ..we shud schedule BD together ROTFL

1272624 tn?1395434357
by plumber43, Mar 12, 2011
Well, I went out and bought a sexy nighty just for these occasions, DH hates all this pressure too. It really worked!
Good luck and SSBD

1571146 tn?1399909692
by Moma_Cher, Mar 13, 2011
Ohhhh, I like how Mel's thinking! Maybe we should get all sexy for our men... Spice it up! It can be such a chore sometimes lol!!

I hear odds of conception go up when we achieve O and I don't mean ovulate ;0)

Hala ur too funny lol lol lol.... We probably will be doin the dance at the same time hahaa!! I like the twins idea for sure!!

1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, Mar 13, 2011

Ya I'm getting a new sexy nighty today as i'v already consumed the ones I have haha ..just hope it works !!

Cher: when I saw the O i was like..Ovulate?! duuhh then u managed to burst my ignorance bubble by negating it hehe

it's funny bet we're all gonna b thinking of each other whie BD haha..guess its become a chore after all! LOL

1617839 tn?1311091398
by Isamime, Mar 14, 2011
Oooh.. sneak help from me too. My dh is awesome for baby dancing...but after a few days in a row (every other day too) he gets sore...
There are these big "condom" looking things called INSTEAD. They are as round as a coke can, as tall as your thumb. They have a pink flexi ring and a plastic inside (instead of latex). They go inside you.
Um...they are meant for use instead of a tampon or pad/liner....but they also are great at keeping his swimmers up near your cervix...(and cuts down on that "post nasal drip" promblem we go through with leaking... if he is too tired or sore for bd' works too to have a flirt session with him...and he can orgasm into the it in you right away then. My dh likes it. He knows how important his swimmers are to me, but this gives the chance for some bd'ing to be an all about him moment too...while you're still getting the "prize". Just remember, hands only saliva kills semen and lubrication (other than preseed) won't let them swim anywhere.
Good luck!

1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, Mar 14, 2011

WOW I love the Idea!!!..definitely trying it tonight..he wont even notice that i'm using him haha..

Thanks !!

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