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on top of it all...

Mar 14, 2011 - 2 comments



hep c







as if worrying about my results was not enough... triggers, cravings... for anything an everything (of course the worse, the better) have started again and sometimes full strength. that is all I need, make everything a little bit worse... just venting again... today is venting day... i think until thursday, i am just going to go on and on... so sorry... my way to deal with the stress and actually let it out. because, granted i am angry at past specialists who advised to not do anything about my hep c. that my viral load was so low, i had the "sleeping" hep c... right! but the one i am very very angry at is moi moi moi... how did i give my health, my life, in the hands of others but me. why wasn't i responsible enough to care for moi? aiaieieieie.... i want to hit my head against the walls, i tell you that much....

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by willbb, Mar 14, 2011
you are  doing something about your hepc c now... try to stay calm until you get results thur. yes this is a big trigger :)

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by freenikita, Mar 15, 2011
i am going to steal a member's quote: "hoping for the best, preparing for the worst" The way I see it, I'd prefer to get the angry part out of the way so comes Thursday if worst comes to worst, I can start planning in a more practical way, without being interrupted by my constant "i should have.... why did i.... and blahblahblah" and if it is good news, hey, i ll just go party all night long (drinking lemonade of course ;)
thank you for stopping by and take good care, willbb

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