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Back pain

Hi, my name is AnnaMaria and I am 35 years old.
My MRI shows I have CFS effacement ventral of cord in all 3 parts of back. It also showed several Herniated disc's along with many bulging disc's.

   At T8 and T 8-9 a Central right and or para-central disc protrusion/Herniation * Of questionable clinical significance

   At C5-C6 Herniation.

  12-2009 I had an open abdominal exploratory
  03-2010 12.7 abdominal mass surgically removed-no cancer
  07-2010  an open Abdominal Wall Hernia repair-rupture where a stitch was placed to close stomach. Mesh       netting used for repair.
  As of last Monday, plans are under way for my 2nd  Hernia repair this 1 incisional.
So let's say I've had a rough, very Ill past 18 months. I can't help but wonder what the heck is going on. Any sound advice? Thanks

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by margypops, Mar 15, 2011
Hi AnnaMaria ,We have a back and neck forum on MH take a look at the forums page there is also an expert/doctor forum regarding back surgery , you may get some answers there, it sounds like you have had a rough time I hope you feel better soon .

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