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Just some thoughts

Sep 13, 2008 - 1 comments

remeber the good times and walking outside and smelling the air and feeling the weather and falling in love.
I think the fact that we all loose that urge for sex really shows how evil and overpowering these drugs are.

The world really feels diff when you stop the pills.

It's like you were in jail the whole time.

I wonder if there are people that i deal with at work that have this same problem and nobody knows.

I wonder why so many people are so understanding now that i have come out with this problem i had. Its like they have been thru it too.

How come doctors dont put up a fight to keep you on pain pills....They would fight to keep you on other meds.....I think they know how horriable these things are.

I always felt like the pills gave me enrgy ,but i never did anything really when i was on them. Its only when i quit that i get any real things completed.

Are these really the devils candy ?       YES

I hope i can stop someone else before they even start.

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by Susan101960, Jan 13, 2011
The pills are ruining my life and I definitely have alot to live for.  I am very smart but when it comes to taking the pills I am a total idiot.  How do you get the will just to try and quit?  I believe the will to quit if half the battle.

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