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pelvic cramping again

Mar 17, 2011 - 1 comments

more mild pelvic cramping.

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by Twiggymarie, Jun 24, 2013
Hi kimmery, I'm sorry that I haven't been on here for such a long time, I had gone to see my Dr., he had check to see what the problem was inside of my abdomen, well, they diagnosed me having Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer, had 6 Chemo Treatments, 8 months of having Ostemy Pouch, I had an illiostomey surgery, was sick and had to keep going to the hospital, had the same hosp room twice, the 3rd time a different room, then basically, on the 29th of April, I had the reversal of getting my intestine put back inside and back to where it should be, now I am trying to get use to using the toilet like before, and well, I am having to take these small pills called: Lomotils!! they are ok if I take them and wait for about 10mins, then eat breakfast, hoping that those pills will work on me before I eat! well, in relation to your words of pelvic cramps, I have to say that, I too am still getting them as I had gotten them before my surgeries, I'm not sure tho if I'm experiencing them because of scar tissues from the surgeries, or if it means something else, if you have any other reason for this, please feel free to comment, okay?! Thank You, and I hope all is well with you!! Sincerely, Twiggymarie :)  

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