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No more worrying!

Mar 17, 2011 - 0 comments








I got my period this morning! 6:20am! I was so happy and relieved. I *knew* I wasn't pregnant, but just being on my period helps calm my nerves down SO, so much. I'm going to get the Depo-Provera shot tomorrow after school. I've read that if you get it while you're on your period you're immediately protected. I know it's not 100%, but it'll help loads. My boyfriend and I are still going to use condoms though, for back-up. So our chances of having a baby will be practically 0. Unless God really wants to smite me. But whatever happens, happens. But I want to take the necessary precautions.
I won't stay on the shot for too long. I may switch over to the pill after a year on the shot (maybe less). I don't want to be on it too long, least it screws up my fertility. Then me and my boyfriend won't have a chance to have a baby at ALL. And that won't be good. We want kids someday. But I think it'll be alright. =)

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