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NFL Football Tourney!! Standings

Sep 13, 2008 - 2 comments

This will be updated every Tuesday. This is an up to date season total. Weekly totals are in each of the weeks game sheet posts on social side.
May the best man...or!!!!

bandnmom: 44

dominosarah: 44

gizzy32:  54

bobby139: 50

alienshadow: 46

troubleinohio: 58

hopeful4us:  47

mandapanda17:  44

Hr_PuffnStuff: 53

Vicotram: 37

sadinmichigan: 55

lonewolf07: 39

fengirl09: 42

worried878: 33

addict3:  23

michaelgc:  27

momeluv: 15

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435658 tn?1257805781
by bobby139, Sep 13, 2008

230262 tn?1316645934
by troubleinohio, Sep 23, 2008
OMG Im winning!!! LMAO my brother actually signed me up this week to join a pool tthey have at his work. Maybe i can win some actual money, haha! (im sure i'll start picking losers every week now!)

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