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Simple tip about zak acupuncture

Sep 13, 2008 - 0 comments

It estimate that up to 80% of adults will eventually suffer from back pain condition.Traditionally,conventional medical doctors attribute back pain to specific anatomical problems in the spine,but spinal X rays or MRI scans of many people with disabling back pain appear perfectly normal,Formal Chinese back specialist,acupuncture practitioner, Zak believes that most cases of chronic back pain are caused by a inflamed soft tissue (tendon and ligment) which due to chronic injuries and could be treated by deep and intensive acupuncture.While working at the Chinese army hospital, Dr. Zak saw numerous patients with debilitating back pain for whom he prescribed conventional treatments, with inconsistent and typically disappointing results. Dr Zak began to question traditional medicine to diagnosing and treating back pain.With 20 years clinical experience, he became convinced that most back pain and neck pain originated in the soft tissue injury rather than in a structural abnormality of the spine. Dr.Zak notes that deep and intensive acupuncture that enhance the flow of blood and relive inflammation to the affected area. The most convincing support for this theory comes from the tremendous success both China and UK.

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